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Don’t ask what The 666 can do for you
Ask what you can do for The 666!

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666`s Historic Flash News for the whole world!

The 666 confirms that China has also his "stealth fighter"

In a situation in which:

1. The United States is incapable of solving the Jewish-Palestinian problem and to prevent Iran's nuclear arms race.

2. In a nearly future the United States as a country will no longer guarantee the safety and existence of Israel by the betrayal to the Jewish people and the state of Israel that are now preparing to do shameless and corrupt Americans politicians interested only in defending U.S. interests Exclusively. All this is true because:

These Americans politicians who are unable, for example, to accept in the United States that the American people have the right to have necessary assistance Medical guaranteed, they will not ever be willing to go to war against Iran to prevent this country has nuclear weapons, much less to ensure the security and existence in the world of the Jewish people and the state of Israel.

3. In a situation in which the United States as a people and country are unable now to recognize and use my new economic system 666 because:

The lies and false predictions of Revelation in the "Holy Bible" accuse me of being a so-called "Antichrist", "Satan" and "Devil reincarnated" that will destroy the world in Armageddon, to cite one example, biblical lies and slander that peoples, races and nations of China and Japan, to cite one example, do not believe what that allows it to be China or Japan the first countries in the world to use my new economic system 666.

4. The 666 is going to offer very soon his New Economic System 666 to China (and Japan) and there is a real possibility that the communist government of China with his well-known "Chinese political pragmatism", will accept the offers of 666 about it and then:

China will be the first country in the world to accept and use the new economic system of 666 thus also becoming the great economic and political ally of 666 existing in the world today, is a duty of 666 help turn China into a major world economic and military power able to help the 666 becoming president of the European Union to build a paradise on Earth with the Project 666, and guarantee the security and existence in the world of the Jewish people and the state of Israel.

Using my new economic system 666 (which so far neither the EU nor the United States dare to accept my offers to use my new economic system 666), China will become (to my arrival to the presidency of the European Union) in the most powerful country and economic and military power in the world.

Given these facts the 666 confirms to the world that the publishing that was made in China Press yesterday January 5, 2011, featuring photographs of a Chinese aircraft type "stealth fighter", are correct ENTER ! >>>

And correspond to the model of Chinese stealth fighter plane whose construction in China has been possible with the great mystical help that the 666 with the great mystical forces of his Project 666, has been providing to Chinese men of science to help turn China into a great military power equal to the United States of America.

The 666 is willing to grant a first global special press interview to CNN news channels, BBC, Al-Jazeera, to the newspaper Jerusalem Post or any other news agency who are interested in learning and know with 666 all this information about it.

To request a interviu with 666 please contact the 666, email the666@the666.com

Department of Parapsychology and Occult Sciences of Project 666
(Stockholm, Sweden, January 6, 2011).

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