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1. The 666 communicates to the world that the current European Union misgoverns the politicians crooks, thieves and corrupt already are bankrupted, and that the only solution they have now is:

Recognize and accept in a European democratic referendum to 666 as President, to that 666 build a European Union Super-state, with its New Economic System 666.

! No one will be able to hide and deny now the existence of 666 in the world, to help build a Paradise on Earth !

The divine justice required of 666 begins to punish and destroy

In the "untouchables financial markets" that misgoverns to the European Union and World Capitalism.

Historical military report of the repentant soul Fuhrer Adolf Hitler to 666,
communicating the need and success of Alive "Blitzkrieg Economic-Mystic-666", against the enemies of the European Union and Humanity.

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Introduction Necessary

In a situation where the 666 is now starring in and writing in the world amazing historical pages, with its necessary and just mystical political struggle to help prevent the destruction of humanity and to build also a Paradise on Earth:

The "Department of Parapsychology and Occult Sciences of Project 666," reveals for the first time all peoples and nations of the earth, information and details that will enable humanity to understand now:

1. The revelations and affirmations of the 666 to the world of which:

"The definition and concept of God must be reviewed and changed, not because God does not exist but because God is not and has never been what we have said and believed it is, and at the same time because God is also a mystical entity LOT larger than we can ever imagine and believe. " -666 -

2. Having already been scientifically shown to this historic date of November 18, 2011, in the European Organization for Nuclear Research known as "CERN", which is situated in the northwest suburbs of Geneva on the Franco–Swiss border:

With neutron experiments that can travel faster the speed of light (which is 299,752.5 kilometers per second), and it was "impossible to do" according to the Albert Einstein theory is that which is the main base of scientific knowledge of man over nature and mysteries of the Universe:

There are now enough scientific basis to understand the 666 also claims the world of existence in the universe of parallel worlds and dimensions, which are also God and life after death, and that "Mystical World Government 666" European Union and World Super-State mystique that 666 is now president and with the help of the true God existing in the universe with 666 going to materialize and create on earth to help to ensure the happiness, the existence and defense of humanity in the universe.

3. The existence in the universe of life after death and the explanation in detail of how the world is real and really in the paradise and God's world.

When publishing to the world so now the "Department of Parapsychology and Occult Sciences of Project 666" which is aimed by 666, uncensored from our website www.the666.com

The protocol mystic of government meeting that 666 had with the soul of Adolf Hitler (18-11-2011 at 11.30 GMT) to get a military report on the successful development of the historic "Blitzkrieg Economic-Mystic-666" which, 666 have ordered to do against the enemies of the European Union and Humanity:

The Project 666 demonstrates once again the world the truth and grandeur of the incredible and mystical political struggle of 666 to help avoid self-destruction of mankind, and as the 666 with the help of the true God exists in the universe is going to save that which deserves to be saved from humanity, helping and supporting the construction of a paradise on earth from a European Union Super state and World Federated with 666 President and the new economic system 666 and Project 666.

This then is the verbatim publication of the protocol officer mystical government meeting that 666 had with the Adolf Hitler soul the September 18, 2011 at 11:30 GMT.

Protocol of the Meeting of the "Government of 666 Mystic" with the soul of Adolf Hitler,
(held on 18 -11 to 2011 at 11.30 GMT) to receive Hitler's military report to the 666, on the historic "Blitzkrieg Economico-666-Mystic" against the enemies of the European Union and Humanity.

Here begins the publication of the transcript:

Having transported the 666 first with his great mystical supernatural powers from this world of existence material of man, to the incredible dimension of the mystical world that 666 belongs and which is also the kingdom of God:

The 666 receives in his office and indesriptible mystical seat of government, far superior to the palaces of the Roman emperors and Adolf Hitler himself had built living in Berlin, the soul of a repentant Fuhrer Adolf Hitler is now helping to build a paradise on earth with "Project 666".

Making the necessary first saluted who is its new leader and Supreme Commander 666, the soul of the Fuhrer Adolf Hitler made the following military report verbally to 666 that:

In the mystical world of God has the highest military rank that God created in the universe, that of General Six Stars also making the 666, part of the nine incorrumpibles and eternally faithful to God, leaders and six stars mystical generals that help to govern with freedom, equality, justice, peace, love and happiness, the unique God's world paradise which is located in a very special place in the universe.

It is necessary to note that in this incredible and wonderful
mystical world and paradise of God and 666:

When 666 is called only in spite of their many decorations, clear leadership and titles, "Mr. President 666", 666 being the President of all mankind from the European Union Super-state and world federate mystical that by desires and orders of the one true God existing in the Universe, 666 has already begun to govern and help correct the unacceptable material world of injustices of men that threatens to destroy the very existence of humanity in the universe.

"Respectfully sir and 666 Mr. President:

"I ask permission to speak and present my report on the military result of our "Blitzkrieg Economic-Mystic-666":

"You ordered me to do Against the enemies of the European Union and of Humanity. "(Said Adolf Hitler to the 666).

"You have permission to do so, Field Marshal, Adolf Hitler, (replied the 666).

"Knowing the multiple trades That You Have Mr. President 666, In This Our spiritual world and in the material world of men, I will be brief in my report.

"I have historical Follow and Fulfilled all orders to the letter. The European and world markets are Already in bankruptcy and destroyed. And We are not overextended and abuse in the use of our great mystical power to Achieve our goals About It. The indescribable own Corruption, theft and looting That Have Made Even Among Themselves, the billionaires speculators and bankers, is That Which Facilitated the success of you our current "Blitzkrieg Economic-Mystic-666"

"Then Nobody Can accuse you my beloved leader and commander 666 to use "evil powers" to Impose These divine justice we need Against All Enemies of the European Union and Humanity, Which are now uncontrollable financial and powerful groups control the markets and That only without you the 666 now in the world, can continue to commit Known misdeeds with Impunity, theft and looting Economic Against Humanity.

"I recommend you explain all this in the world and material life of men putting the montage of the " unsinkable " ship "Titanic" sinking, in the index of your website is for illustration in this military report that I am presenting now.

"As you used these historical photographs illustrating your mystical ultimatum to markets, you now using these same photographs illustrating my report, summarize and present to the world the success of our "Blitzkrieg Economic-Mystic-666 "and the situation:

Inevitable sinking, destruction and economic collapse that are now billionaires, speculators and markets who, believing that they will get away with it and succeed in their thefts and looting, they are actually browsing now a ship is already sinking and as happened to "Titanic" is a ship whose wreck nothing can to avoid.

"If you accept my advice and it does so, it would also help show the world the truth of our mystical existence because:

In a situation in which you my Mr. President 666 will have spied every move and use computer on the Internet, now include in their publications on its website the transcript of this protocol our conversation, and help demonstrate to analysts and experts in military intelligence as well as the most advanced scientists of the world:

"This mystical reunion and our conversation really happened and taken place in our incredible dimension and mystical world, not only because it demonstrates the combination and application in the work of two minds and beings we are as different as you and me, but because the description of this meeting and our mystical encounters is a historical fact that nobody in the world can never make up less than 24 hours, Hitler concludes.

Then answered the 666 -.

"Excellent advice to me, his Field Marshal, Adolf Hitler, in fact we will do so.
-Confirmed the 666.

-The 666 also asked to Hitler-

What is now the real situation in France, Italy and Spain?

"I confirm that the economies of Italy and Spain are already in bankruptcy and that even the very economy of France also is bankrupt and as you already know, Germany does not have sufficient financial resources to help prevent economic collapse of France, Italy and Spain.

In Germany, it also inevitably and finally going to the economic collapse, making the mistake of Chancellor Angela Merkel to ignore my advice and warnings and also has made our prophet Moses that:

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, you must invite my Lord President 666 to Berlin at the latest for date of December 16, as we have already publicly called for you this from the "Bundestach" (German Parliament), the European Union and the world, supply one political agreement that allows to save the European Union and the euro, with our new economic system 666 and creating a European Union super-state and material world with "the 666 president."

For the rest:

The ability, possibility, political and real economic power and space with the current political leaders of the European Union and the billionaires themselves, bankers, speculators and markets, is far less of what they by lies and cheating even among themselves, affirm and believe they have. They will serve only in the most fortunate of cases to try survive the next six months.

To all this we also have to add the indisputable fact of the people factor and that the French, Italian and Spanish peoples, will not passively accept the inconsistent and unacceptable economic sacrifices that require them to do the corrupt politicians crooks and thieves of the European Union, International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to try to defend and perpetuate the unjust and hopeless world of billionaires, bankers, speculators and markets.

The souls of our generals Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Genghis Khan and Dwight Eisenhower, you my Lord President 666 has moved with our invincible mystic armies in Greece, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany and Spain, will help all the peoples and nations to oust from office with their inevitable and necessary Popular protests all those political leaders rascals, thieves and corrupt misgoverns the European Union today. -He explained the soul of Adolf Hitler to 666 -.

Excellent and congratulations on your successful military report, Field Marshal Adolf Hitler!.
I am very happy with it.

He said the 666 to Hitler opening then 666 a purple folder he had in his desk, and which took off and read the new mystique order was signed and that now gave Field Marshal Adolf Hitler. Explaining also the 666 to Adolf Hitler as follows: -.

As you know and in a situation in which Capitalism exterminate and kill with his crimes against humanity of hunger and misery now each year in the world, moore men and women who all you in your past life, murdered and killed, and our great God of the Universe gave you a mystical amnesty and I rescued and released to you (and everyone else now comrades) from hell, my estimate now Field Marshal Adolf Hitler, to finish at redemption before us and the world, helping to build a paradise on earth.

In a situation in which the enemies of God and humanity are now preparing the final extermination of the Jewish people and state of Israel who have decided to "wipe off the face of the earth", and God has appointed me the protector of Israel and has also ordered to me to do on the date of January 18, 2012, a necessary and memorable demonstration to the world from the ruins of the Temple of Jerusalem I'm going to rebuild, that the safety, security and existence of the Jewish people and the state of Israel, is guaranteed by the true God existing in the Universe:

I command you now my dear Field Marshal Adolf Hitler, mystically moved with six divisions of the SS elite army to the Valley of Armageddon, so you (one day tried to exterminate the Jewish people), finally finish redeemed to God, to the Jewish people and the world, help me, 666, to defend the security and existence of the Jewish people and the state of Israel.

"I, 666, as your superior and military leader in this incredible paradise and God's world where we are and live, I'll give you my dear Field Marshal Adolf Hitler, the unique opportunity and honor of being the first to materialize with me and our mystical invincible army in the world in the Valley of Armageddon, to help end the unacceptable world of unrighteousness of men from Israel". -666-

As we have published to the world the historical mystic message of the prophet Elijah from the Internet through my website www.the666.com message that we also sent to the state of Israel, and message that God now calls on the state of Israel and the Jewish people, recognize and accept me as their protector in the world because I am now 666, the true representative and defender of God on Earth:

The command I give you now my dear Field Marshal Adolf Hitler to quartered and moving mystically in the Valley Armageddon with six mystic elite SS divisions, will give the world an idea of greatness, nobility and power of God, and will be also a necessary part of my mystique signal to the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, his government and to all now Jewish religious leaders that they must abide by and respect the wishes and commands of God already has given you the prophet Elijah in his historic mystical message.

This order will be also another necessary demonstration of invincible mystical force of God and 666 to the politicians rascals and corrupt that now misgoverns the European Union, and to no less rascals billionaires, bankers, financial speculators, markets and European and inernational stock markets being committed now crimes against to all the peoples and nations of the earth:

And also deny before God to redeem his crimes and crimes against humanity by helping the 666 to build a paradise on earth with Project 666, also having the gall to even attempt to corrupt and buy the conscience and sacred mission in the world of 666 with an offer of 166.000 million dollars to 666 to be sold to "billionaires and markets," and even said they will also destroy and assassinate the 666, if necessary, to keep their unacceptable worlds of injustices in the world.-Finished explaining the 666 to Adolf Hitler encouraged, her new mystical order to help meet 666 to build a paradise on earth.

Will Continue!

(Attention, very soon will finish posting to the world from our website www.the666.com this historic mystical world government protocol of 666, which also explains how the 666 will to become President of the European Union and build a paradise on earth with the Project 666.

We recommend that Internet users worldwide visit our website to always be aware of all these incredible historical and mystical events that are taking place now with the existence of 666 in the world).

- Department of Parapsychology and Occult Sciences of Project 666 -
November 19, 2011, Stockholm, Sweden (02.15 GMT).

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(Exitoso informe militar del anima de Adolfo Hitler al 666 sobre el "Blitzkrieg Economico-Mystico-666",
y traslado y acuartelamiento de Adolfo Hitler al Valle de Armagedon con 6 divisiones elites SS,
para ayudar al 666 a defender la seguridad y existencia del pueblo judio y del estado de Israel).


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