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Don’t make any mistake regarding The 666!
The 666 have come to win!

The NEWS that CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera or the international press,
THEY DARE NOT TELL THE WORLD for its great historical consequences!


The 666 faces in advance the campaign to discredit the Pope of Rome Benedict XVI and his false Catholic Church are prepared against the 666.

(With the known value, intelligence and consciousness that characterizes it, the 666 faces in advance and publicly to the world, the campaign of lies and slanders against the 666 are planned, Pope John Paul XVI and his discredited Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church).

This is not difficult to understand that "markets" are now the owners of the world will not remain with arms folded to wait for a 666 "Antichrist", "Satan" and "reincarnated Devil":

Can organize an army in China of 200 million men to help build and defend the existence of a paradise of happiness and justice that guarantees freedom, equality, justice, love, happiness and peace to all peoples and nations of the earth.

Not surprisingly, now anyone know then that "markets" that could not buy the conscience and soul of 666 even by the astronomical amount of 150.000 million dollars (150 billion):

They are now preparing an unparalleled smear campaign against the 666 with the help of the Catholic Church, Apostolic and Roman that, from the Vatican prepare to gather information through his church to show the world that 666 "from child" was already an "Antichrist", "Satan" and "Devil reincarnated "(for some examples).

Campaign designed to try to "persuade" and force China as a country to refuse offers of alliance of 666 and also part of the wrong and false premise that the Pope of Rome Benedict XVI with its discredited and false church has enough power to confront and destroy the 666.

We then have a situation in which Pope Benedict XVI is one of the few who still dare to say in Europe that the 666 is a "crazy satanic", I regard the 666 affirm that:

The Pope of Rome Benedict XVI to the world should agree to be examined by a psychiatrist to explain:

For claiming to represent and to love God and Jesus Christ in the world, the only command that actually defends and respects himself is the Pope preaches by example to the world and that is, their "Holy commandament" that says "I want you to live as I say, not as I live !".

Never follows the teachings and example of Jesus Christ himself to accept living in poverty and distributed the known wealth of his church, among the homeless and poor of the world, in a situation in which even the Pope Benedict XVI and his Catholic and Roman Apostolic Church:

It has been forced to pay through the date of December 7th of 2011, more than 3,000 million dollars in economic indemnify only in the United States, for the proven crimes and sex crimes of rape and child molestation committed by representatives and priests of their own church.

It is necessary to explain the matter in a judicial investigation conducted in the United States in the year 2004, 4.400 priests to find us Catholics were guilty of acts of pedophilia, rape and sexual abuse committed against women, youth and children between 1950 and 2002.

The number of victims tested were 11.000 and the Catholic Church had to pay in the United States more than 3.000 million dollars from indeminzacion financial assistance to victims, many other legal proceedings about the Catholic Church in several countries worldwide.

In such a situation, the inevitable and necessary question of 666 to all parents of all peoples, races and nations of the world is as follows:

Would you trust XVI Pope John Paul and its discredited Church
The care of your children? ...

(The 666 does not recommend to any family in the world run the risk of leaving their children to careful XVI Pope John Paul and his Catholic Church, Apostolic and Roman).

If all this we add also the well-known fact:

Many other criminal sexual abuse rape and pedophiles are also found in Ireland (over 10,000 cases), Germany, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Holland, Canada, India and Australia (for some examples).

It is then the Pope of Rome Benedict XVI and Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church, whose Vatican Bank in Italy even always washed money from the Mafia, which can help with a criminal record known Church which is widely shown and written with the blood of innocents in the history of mankind:

He who has the moral capacity and to fight and destroy "as an advocate and representative of God", to 666 now existing in the world, to help to avoid self-destruction of humanity and help build a paradise on earth with the new economic system and project that bears his name and number that represents it, the 666.

In such a situation I, 666, faced directly without any problems at the same Pope of Rome Benedict XVI and the Catholic Church on the matter and publicly commend to the world to:

Pope of Rome himself Benedict XVI is supposed to have mystical powers many com representative and advocate of "God on Earth", I urge the 666 that scoundrel and false Pope Benedict to:

Invoke the spirit of any of those priests who knew the Christian confession of 666 children for the world to explain why it is that 666 was and "even as a child" a "Antichrist", "Satan" and "reincarnated Devil" (for some examples).

That should do so himself Pope of Rome Benedict XVI because in all honesty is true that the Catholic Church has Through his priests, information obtained THROUGH THE secret of Confession:

The "diabolical temptations" and "satanic sins" that 666 as a child and as a "good Christian boy" revealed priests committing these acts of "Holy Christian Confession" needed to make long before the Catholic Church, Apostolic and Roman Church, to "always be honest and be in the grace of God "(for some examples).

Confessions that 666 as a child performed before these priest, as a member of an organization including children christian called "The Crusaders" (and created in honor of those who liberated Christian Crusades to the "holy city" of Jerusalem of Arab rule), which was also the 666 member child.

Christian denominations that 666 finally as a child did, respecting and following the Christian education taught by his parents a happy family home.

And then those who were "diabolical temptations and sins" that demonstrate to the world that 666 even as a child was already an "Antichrist" "Satan" and "Devil reincarnated "?...

The "diabolical temptations and sins" that 666 as a child respecting and accepting the "sacred act of religious confession," I confessed that 666 could never avoid making and conduct, many of those priests of the peoples of the Catholic Church, Apostolic and Roman Church in the Dominican Republic years of 1959-1960 were:

(Marilyn Monroe)

(Sophia Loren)

The most excellent heck with "Satanic inspiration" that 666 as a child:

Never was able to avoid doing in the name of Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren of which:

The 666 as a child and as good "Antichrist", "Satan" and "reincarnated Devil" was always in love.

"Sins and diabolical heck of 666 child" in a situation in which as we all know, "if the robes were of bronze listen the bells" were and were also:

The same "sins," "temptations" and "heck diabolical" these priest people who had the honor to meet and forgive the 666 child in holy act of confession those sins, were also made in these villages in the name of Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren (for some examples) -.

"Sins and diabolical heck of 666 child" even now in 2011 also committed despite being adults:

The agents of the intelligence services of the European Union, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, American, Russian, Chinese, Jews, Arab, Iranian, Indian, Japanese, Australian, Spanish, Brazilians, Argentines, Dominicans, Mexicans, Colombians, South Africans, Congolese ETC. always spying via internet with the most sophisticated advances in electronic espionage:

Of 666 computers believe they can steal important secrets to 666 and 666 as a gift to respect thereto made under the slogan "enjoy the view", which offer electronic spies of 666 computers:

With a variety of pornographic material that breaks their schemes and studies "psychological" who, refusing to officially recognize and accept appearance and existence of the 666 now in the world, are always doing electronic eavesdropping via internet on the 666, to determine "Scientifically" the "personality and mystical nature of the 666".

Needless to point out about that when these spies and "scientists" who analyze and study the 666 THROUGH evaluation material obtained elecronico with espionage, in the case of those small prick safely conclude that 666 is a "degenerate", when they see the clutching black porn white women, or nuns fucks blacks. They can then take then the conclusions that they please on "personality" and "mysticism" of about 666. For the rest:

I, 666 seize this historic opportunity to inform the Pope of Rome himself Benedict XVI and the world that although as he preached his priests to 666 child that Marilyn Monroe as an alleged "sinful woman", would be condemned by God to hell, in fact was condemned to hell for God but not to have been a sinful woman, but for the crime of committing suicide, because the true God of the Universe forbids suicide:

I 666, freed from hell and take the soul of Marilyn Monroe is now living in the paradise of God, when I freed myself and take also of the Hell, the soul of General Dwight D. Eisenhower, President Roosevelt, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Churchill and Mao (for some examples), repentant souls who are now helping mystically to 666 to build a paradise on earth with the Project 666 and who are also living a spiritual life now in the paradise of God and at God's service and 666.

And as for the distinguished and even beautiful lady Sofia Loren, an old woman who "still out sparks" and fortunately is alive:

You can be assured that it will not ever go as an alleged "sinful woman" to any hell, (as the priest said to the 666 child during the secrets of religious confession), but:

At the spiritual paradise of 666 which is also the paradise of the true God exists in the universe, and this I 666, I can also personally confirmed to the very distinguished lady Sophia Loren:

Have it want to know the value of 666 or deciding to also support the necessary and just struggle of 666 now existing in the world to help build a paradise on Earth.

With this historical humor, honesty, faith and love of truth that 666 has always been respected and now revealed to the world:

Dose of humor "black" "white," "yellow", "Eskimo" and even "alien" (if you will qualify), it is with the humble contribution of humor that 666 does all the poor and homeless of the world on this date of December 18 of 2011:

For at least try and Brighten make them laugh in these sad Christmas of 2011 and the new year of 2012 which, unfortunately will have to live in the worst economic poverty and misery, not the 666 still be president of a European Union superstate World Federated to garanterize them, their happiness and existence in this material life.

(Miguel Angel Sosa Vasquez
-Writer, literary pseudonym "Michel Smiely 666" -
Candidate for the presidency of the European Union Project 666
to build a paradise on earth).

666, General Eisenhower, Marshal Zhukov, Rommel, Nebuchadnezzar, Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte and Charlemagne, great military leaders of the invincible "Army of 666 Mystic."

Department of Parapsychology and Occult Sciences of Project 666
(Stockholm, Sweden, Sunday December 18th of 2011 -22:10 GMT)

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  THE 666 PROPOSE PROJECT 666 TO THE EUROPEAN UNION. (On July 14, 1989, 200 years after the French Revolution –July 14, 1789-).

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  Integration of the European Common Market and the withdrawal of England.

4. Chapter III

What the European Common Market really is and how it should be called: "The New Roman Empire of the West".

5. Chapter IV

  The Proposed Political Ideology of the New Roman Empire of the West.

6. Chapter V

  Worldwide External Debt Should be Cancelled.

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  The International Rationalization of the Natural Resources.

8. Chapter VII

  The Rationalization of Industrial Development at World Level.

9. Chapter VIII
  The Geographic Location of the Heavy Industry at International Level, in its best production environment.

10. Chapter IX

  The Limitation of the Ecologic Damage and the Recuperation of the Natural Environment of the Mankind.

11. Chapter X

  The Restriction of International Bank Loans and the Avoidance of New Debts.

12. Chapter XI

  The Economic Integration which should Characterize the New Roman Empire of the West.

13. Chapter XII

  The "666 Business Code" which covers all Economic and Commercial Transactions.

14. Chapter XIII

  The "666 Business System".

15. Chapter XIV


16. Chapter XV

  The "666 Identification Code", the Most Perfect and Unfalsifiable in the world.

17. Chapter XVI

The Defense Policy which should Characterize The New Roman Empire of the West.

18. Chapter XVII

The policy of the New Roman Empire of the West (The European Union), with respect the United States, the Soviet Union and the rest of the world.

19. Chapter XVIII

  The Inevitable Dispute between 666 and the Holy Bible or the necessary Revolt of Men Against God.


Chapter XIX (Part 1 of 2)

  The "666 Peace Plan to solve the Jewish-Palestine problem"

21. Chapter XX (Part 2 of 2)

  The 666 Peace Plan -To Guarantee the Safety of Israel by Solving the Jewish-Palestine Conflict and the Conversion of Israel into the Spiritual Center of Christianity.


Project 666.

(by Michel Smiely 666)

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22. Chapter XXI

  The need to Reconstruct the Jerusalem Temple.

23. Chapter XXII

  The End of the Roman Papacy.

24. Chapter XXIII

  "Armageddon" an Holocaust which can be avoided with a Confrontment Strategy.

25. Chapter XXIV

  Armageddon, According to the Predictions of the Holy Bible.

26. Chapter XXV

  666 or Antichrist, According to the Predictions of the Holy Bible.

27. Chapter XXVI

Our defense of 666 or the Antichrist.

28. Chapter XXVII

Presentation of our Candidacy for the Presidency of the European Commom Market (The European Union).

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The 666 . Electronic Bonus System to help to make a Paradise on Earth with the Project 666.

30. Chapter XXIII

  "Armageddon" an Holocaust which can be avoided with a
Confrontment Strategy.


31. Chapter XXIV

  Armageddon, According to the Predictions of The Holy Bible.

32. Chapter XXV

  666 or Antichrist, According to the Predictions of the Holy Bible.

Chapter XXVI

Our defense of 666 or the Antichrist.

33. Chapter XXVII

Presentation of our Candidacy for the Presidency of the European Commom Market (The European Union).

34. Chapter XXVIII

The 666 . Electronic Bonus System to help to make a Paradise on Earth with the Project 666.

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I. Jesus Christ and The 666. (Text in Spanish language)>>

II. The 666-USA Worldwide Constitution. >>

III. The 666´s incredible mystical worldwide government. (Text in Spanish in language). >>>

IV. The incredibel political and mystical Manifest of the soul of the Empress Elizabeth of Austria, "Sissy", with the proclamation of the mystical foundation of the European Union Super state. >>>

V. The 666´s and the soul of Prophet Muhammad mystical reforms to the religions of the Christian and the Islam. (Text in Spanish language).>>

VI. The soul of the Empress Elisabeth of Austria, “Sissy”, explains why the European Union will be a worldwide Super state.>>

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X. Why The dead Empress Elisabeth of Austria, “Sissy” are the fiancé and future mystical wife of The 666.>>


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