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The worlds of incredible greatness and righteousness of God
And 666 in the universe.

(Presentation to the world of the amazing mystical protocol No. 666-05-31-A of the meeting held by the 666 with extra-terrestrial allies on the date of Thursday May 31, 2012, in the mystical dimension, paradise and God's world and 666 in a special place in the Universe).

-After having received the leader and Chief Military that extra-terrestrial civilization that God has made also under the command of the 666 to help to build a paradise on Earth:

The 666 analyses with the same part of the incredible amazing mystical plans and political struggle of 666 to help build a paradise on Earth, in this incredible dimension, world and universe in which there is the paradise of God and the 666 in a special place in the universe.

Then consists in the mystical 666 files the accomplishment of the following reunion arising on the date of Thursday 31 May 2012 and in the that has documented the following exhibition, approaches and decision.

- Transcription mystical protocol No. 666-05-31-A
Written on the date of May 31, 2012. -

"God has commanded us to be at your disposal my dear and supreme leader 666 to help you enforce the man,

"Respect for law and order that God requires to accept and carry out all intelligent beings, worlds and civilizations in the universe.

"It is our desire to appear to us upon humanity to the date of June 29, 2012 that you, our dear leader and commander the 666 highest meets its 65 years of life on planet earth.

"Needless to explain that with our unparalleled resources and power can take control of all peoples and nations of the Earth less than six hours, possibly without using our military force.

"It would be enough just to introduce us also to humanity with the successful cloning that we have made the human species in our advanced world civilization and cosmic:

"To make people understand that:

"We are none of those kinds of "extra-terrestrial invaders lizards" who want to enslave and destroy humanity.

"Affirmations with which we have been discredited and already submitted to the world of men in sad movies and horror fiction sciousness.

"We can bring up tele-transportation even before U.S. President Barack Obama himself in his office at the White House:

"In an ambassador would explain to President Barack Obama that we under the command of you, my dear leader 666:

"We are part of the incredible and invincible material and spiritual strength of the true God exists in the universe whose mission is:

"To defend and protect all lives and civilizations in the universe threatened to be self-destroyed by their own worlds of injustice.

"We are sure to convince himself that Barack Obama is the president of the most powerful country in the world are the United States of America to:

"It turns to the American people and the world in the first major world political leader to recognize and accept the existence and his leadership dear leader and supreme commander 666 to which God himself of the universe has ordered to fulfill a mission to help save humanity from its own self-destruction by building a world of justice and paradise on earth ".

He concluded his explanation, to 666 military leader among the many thousands of intelligent civilizations in the universe that:

Survived their own worlds of injustice and build a paradise in the cosmic world they inhabit. Answering the 666:

"Unfortunately we can not use on Planet Earth that solution has been successful in other cosmic worlds because:

"The very human degeneration and mediocrity now existing in the material world of men precludes their successful realization.

"And what is no less important:

"In the United States itself there are plenty of American "patriots" and political leaders, senators and members of Congress (Democrats and Republicans), that would destroy the success of any plan our respect of:

"Using the help of intelligent life and extraterrestrial civilizations to which disqualify accusing them of being a "civilization of cosmic invaders and conspirators lizards" whose real goals are the "enslavement and destruction of mankind".

"This is true because human beings scoundrel and thief judges others based on their own personal mediocrity scoundrel condition and thief. This is an unfortunate truth that has proven itself in human history.

"It is impossible to convince men then even using the name of one true God existing in the universe that is our dear God

"The need to build a world of justice and paradise on earth to help avoid self-destruction of humanity.

"All this would serve only to help justify the need and existence of man's part to resistance and war of "survival" against cosmic invaders and extra-terrestrial species concerned only to enslave and destroy humanity.

"What we can do now is to reveal to mankind by surprise and never expected, from my website www.the666.com

"The existence and transcricpcion this conversation so that our own men and women of all peoples and nations of the Earth judge for themselves the true and veracity of all that we are here discussing and talking.

"And what is no less important:

Will accept the President Barack Obama the historical challenge of 666 of authorizing the disclosure of all information that the United States have about the existence of UFOs?.

(The existence of UFOs is a reality and fact that nobody can now ignore or deny in the world).

"We can present with the publication of this conversation from the Internet to our own U.S. President Barack Obama and the world:

"Our challenge is also the challenge of 666, a president Barack Obama:

Wanting to be re-elected President of the United States of America has decided to recognize order and defend the human rights of homosexuals and lesbians:

"You must agree to recognize now also with our help and support and as president of the United States of America:

"The right of the American people and all peoples and nations of the earth to know the existence of UFOs and much advanced extraterrestrial civilizations also exist in the universe. Reason for which the President Barack Obama should be allowed now:

"The declassification of the evidence that the U.S. government has collected from eg the end of World War II (1939-1945) so far in 2012, the existence of UFOs and with it:

"The irrefutable evidence of the existence of intelligent extra-terrestrial civilizations that have been following the evolution and development of mankind fulfilling the orders of the true God of the universe that is always to:

"Helping to protect and save from their own self-destruction to lives, intelligent beings and civilizations in the universe that when the God himself authorizes it, it will contact a human species on this planet earth whose existence we all wish to help protect and save.

"If the result is successful about it and the administration of President Barack Obama respects the desire and the right that the American people and the world have to know the truth about the existence in the universe of other intelligent beings and extraterrestrial civilizations:

"Then we could think of the possibility of physical appearance now official you before the world my dear friends and allies extra-terrestrial in the universe:

"An unexpected and surprisingly not to the date of the next June 29 in which I 666, I meet 65th birthday of age, (would be a great selfishness on my part to accept it so simply because being me 666 the maximum now leading in the direction of this entire historical process):

"But to the date of November 12 this year 2012, provided the American people re-elect agrees with the necessary majority in the U.S. Congress:

"President Barack Obama for the same which unfortunately has now tied his hands:

"May perform successfully the reforms and political and social changes they need the American people and the United States itself America:

"In order to also help build the necessary world of justice and paradise on earth that God has commanded us all to help us build and create to avoid unnecessary self-destruction of humanity.

"We then that, all we could do our physical appearance to the world at the date of November 12 this year 2012, six days after the U.S. presidential election on Tuesday, November 6, 2012, after be successfully re-elected president Barack Obama in the U.S. of America with our help and support.

(The irresponsible, cruel, shameful and criminal descalificacion and mockery which the American Republican political right makes the President Barack Obama, It is the best demonstration of the great moral shabbiness and absence of ideals and respect that characterizes a reactionary and irrational political opponents that they want and prefer even murder and the death of own Barack Obama, rather than allow you to perform the necessary transformations and changes politicians that it needs American society).

"In a situation in which the current U.S. presidential political campaign will be unfortunately the dirtiest political campaign in the United States of America:

"We now we appear with our great super-natural forces, mystical and physical in the universe to help the necessary re-election U.S. President Barack Obama:

(666 Helps always via mystique President Barack Obama,
so that it can help realize the real dream of the American people).

"Giving a twist to the political and historic U.S. presidential election process itself with the help of 666 and its unexpected "allies and extra-terrestrial lizards":

"Interested in helping re-elect the first black president U.S.

"The last word about it in all this is so now President Barack Obama to accept the challenge that 666 makes to the people U.S. and the world as U.S. president to order disclosure of all evidence that the U.S. has accumulated:

"Since the Second World War (1939-1945), until the year 2012, about the existence of UFOs and thus the existence of life, intelligent beings and extraterrestrial civilizations in the universe a lot more advanced than that which represents and defends himself as Barack Obama President of the most advanced and powerful country in the world who are now the United States of America.

"Meeting this obligation and historical necessity to the American people and humanity, is a fact that you can do now President Barack Obama advantage of the existence of 666 now in the world that its incredible and mystical political struggle also is demonstrating to humanity the truthfulness of this.

"In a situation in which the election on November 6, 2012 the millionaire businessman Mitt Romney as president of the United States would be the worst tragedy for the American people and to those United States of America as a country because:

As is public knowledge millionaire Mitt Romney to avoid paying taxes in the United States has a part of his fortune in tax havens, is known also as a religious fanatic:

"Easily can be "illuminated" by the "God of the billionaires, banks and markets" to perform for example:

"A" necessary and patriotic "American Nuclear War III" against China, not China pay all the billions of dollars that the United States as a country owe China and is supposed to be legally bound to pay to China.

"All of this are not political hypothesis of science fiction but real possibilities of future criminal actions and facts that can" commit a "prominent and patriotic man of business" as Mitt Romney:

"In whose Government the billionaires by never paying taxes will fly higher than the vultures themselves on the poverty and misery of the people themselves American.

It can not be otherwise in a situation in which:

"The election as president of the United States to a millionaire Mitt Romney man who refuses to pay in their own country the United States of America, taxes as known respected religious devotee and "businessman":

"It is assumed that should always be willing and able to pay as much patriotic and American citizen based on respect for the most basic rights of solidarity and justice to their own brothers and the American people:

"I would also always ready as the good cheat and crook the U.S. millionaire Mitt Romney really is:

"To do so will any necessary" patriotic act "to ensure the defense of" freedom, democracy and free enterprise American " even to declare war on China:

"To try to destroy the "satanic Chinese Maoist communism," to help defend the "freedom and democracy" in China and restore capitalism in China:

"For the United States as a country do not have to pay the astronomical never fortune and money owed to China now (for some examples).

"Fortunately none of this will happen because Barack Obama is going to be successfully re-elected with absolute majority in Congress with the help and support of 666 and its great mystical super-natural forces now existing in the world.

"And what is also equally important:

"The" distinguished and successful businessman "Mitt Romney and his allies billionaires:

"Will also have to pay all their taxes in the United States of America because:

"Michelle Obama will also be elected president of the United States of America with the help of 666 in 2016:

(Michelle Obama will be with the help of 666, the future president of the United States in 2016 and as such, will also finish making major political and social reforms needed in American society and has begun to make President Barack Obama now).

To continue the realization and completion of necessary economic reforms, social policies and the American people and the United States as a country need to do and have for:

"Having social justice, happiness, security and economic progress that deserve also helping to 666 to avoid self-destruction of humanity and build a paradise on earth.

"With the existence also in the world:

"A Socialist People's Republic of China that as a great and faithful ally of 666:

"It will also form part successfully with the own United States of America of that future European Union World Super state with 666 President to ensure the safety, happiness and progress of all men, women, races, peoples, countries and nations in the world.

"If not possible the realization of all this:

"Then we must eventually do is help build a paradise on earth using the greatest power in the universe is that power which God himself has put universe at my disposal and that is:

"The power of the existing about one's life and death:

"All beings and intelligent civilizations in the universe:

"And that is represented in to resurrect the dead and thereby:

"In the power to use own men and women who in their past historical holdings have lived and committed big mistakes in the world" to give them the chance to redeem their souls before God and men:

"Helping now 666 to build a necessary world of Justice and paradise on Earth, to avoid self-destruction of mankind and ensure" happiness and existence of the human species in the universe.

"That is the power that allows me also to my 666, opening the doors to all the dimensions in the universe to enable the appearance" and materializacion in the world of our large super-naturales mystical forces which, under the direction of the Anima of the Empress Elisabeth of Austria, "Sissi", and of the souls of General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Joan of arc, Adolf Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte (for examples):

"They are going to appear with me are 666 to the world, in the worst case in the Valley of Armageddon directing our invincible army mystical 666" to:

"Helping to save what deserves to be saved from humanity and build what deserves to be saved this paradise world of justice and himself God of the Universe has commanded us to help us build under my direction and leadership. "

-Concludes the 666 your explanation to the great leader military one of those millions of extra-terrestres beings civilizations that God has ordained him get low also orders and command of the 666 to help build a paradise on Earth.

"In a situation in which the inevitable economic collapse of unacceptable inequalities and injustices world that defends now the European Union can no longer be avoided or controlled with the economic failures of Spain and Italy (for some examples):

"I 666 I will present to the world during the next month of June of this historic year of 2012, offers political, economic, social, religious and military can help ensure the necessary construction of a world of justice and paradise on earth for all men, women, peoples, countries and nations of the earth.

(Miguel Angel Sosa Vasquez, literary pseudonym "Michel Smiely 666".
-Candidate for President of the European Union Project 666,
to build a paradise on Earth.

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Published on this website for the

Department of Parapsychology and Occult Sciences Of Project 666

Department of Parapsychology and Occult Sciences
Of Project 666

Thursday May 31, 2012, Stockholm, Sweden, (10.10 GMT).

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