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The construction of a Paradise on Earth, is now a real possibility in the world with the 666 and the Project 666.

Here are a few examples from the unsurpassed masterpiece book Project 666

Chapter X.

(“Project 666” by Michel Smiely “666”)

Everyone is aware of the irreparable damage which our exploitation and industrialization of the natural resources has caused the ecologic environment. The damage mankind has caused the ecologic environment during the last hundred years, through the inconsistent use and exploitation of the natural resources are, in many cases, irreparable and in other cases, a short-term threat to the existence of mankind itself.

The list of all the ecologic damage men is producing to his own environment and existence, by the inhuman exploitation of the riches and natural resources, is endless. If this irresponsible and inconsistent exploitation policy, and the use of natural resources is not stopped, mankind itself is in danger of disappearing. Their future may not be guaranteed.

Project 666 recognizes the inmediate need of today, to detain those ecologic damages and take the necessary measures to restore them where there is still time to do so.

We think this may only be accomplished through the creation of a New International Economic Order and with it, a world economy which rationalizes the exploitation and use of natural resources for the good of mankind.

We firmly state that this New International Economic Order and World Economy can be created through the European Common Market (the European Union).

In a planet like Earth, where 70% of its surface consists of water, any ecologic alterations can change the global temperature of the planet and with it, destroy the human civilization.

In the past, natural causes have resulted in these changes, which also put an end to the kingdom of gigantic dinosaurs and reptiles of millions of years. Human irresponsibility and inconsistency should not put an end to the hundreds of years of existence of the most advanced living creature in our planet – man.

"...quotation from the book "Project 666"
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Chapter V.


(“Project 666” by Michel Smiely “666”)

The possibility of cancelling worldwide external debt through an International Agreement which would also allow the creation of a new World Economy is not only a possibility through the creation of the European Common Market in 1992, but also an unquestionable necessity because said debt may never be paid. (The amortizations of such debts, by Third World Countries –to cite an example- is not even sufficient to pay the unjust accumulated rents and much less, to pay the original debt. Therefore, it is impossible to pay same, within the present International Economic Order in force).

We are not mistaken when we affirm this for the simple reason that from the economic point of view, the necessary basis for cancelling said debt, already exists, based on the necessity of creating a New World Economic Arrangement which, while providing a better production and greater consumption may, with the production and sale of its products, obtain in less that ten years, the equivalent of the actual worldwide external debt through the creation of new methods and production relations based on the automation and application of the latest scientific advances obtained in the industrial field.

Our Project 666 makes it possible in presenting the solution which may so permit.

The sum total of the production media; (factories, production machineries and instruments, agricultural cooperatives, etc.), the total production of same, plus the sum of the working power and working force it accumulates and has, (after reducing the production costs), offers sufficient annual guarantees to produce and sell, in less than ten years, the sum total of the actual Worldwide External Debt, including that of the United States of America.

This means that it is suffice to only raise and coordinate the production, delimit the real costs and just earnings it should have, and increase the consumption capacity of the world population to create a market without precedent, and existing in humanity itself, capable of consuming and buying –with profits- the entire production.

There are various steps which must be taken in this respect:

1. A change in the international monetary system based on the elimination of money and the use of the number 666 as the substitute. This code will cover all economic and commercial transactions. (As is well explained in our “666 Business Code”, our “666 Identity Code” and our “666 Business System”.

2. Eliminate money in order to end with international bank exchange speculation.

3. The creation of a New International Economic Order based on the formation and Integration of a Pluralistic World Economy through realistic, just and productive criteria, that guarantee the development and progress of mankind.

It is possible to materialize all this after 1992, with the official integration of the European Common Market and with the creation of the unequal political-economic- military force which we, with the capacity and great vision of the future, which characterizes us, have had the audacity to baptize as the “New Roman Empire of the West”.

"...quotation from the book "Project 666"
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Chapter XII.


(“Project 666” by Michel Smiely “666”)

We have already explained the economic organization which should characterize the New Roman Empire of the West, which consists of the countries of the European Common Market. We have explained the goals and supporting basis under which it should be created.

Now it is necessary to explain the economic integration which should characterize this new society, capable of transforming the world. The best way of doing so is by pointing out the formula which can guarantee said economic integration without precedent in the history of mankind. It is necessary to use the following three Codes:

1. The "666 BUSINESS CODE" which include all economic and commercial transactions.

2. The "666 BUSINESS SYSTEM" which changes the rules existing in the business world of today.

3. The "666 INDENTITY CODE" which is the most perfect and unfalsifiable identity code in the world.

In the following Chapter we will make a separate analisis of these formulas which we have created and give renown to our Project 666.

"...quotation from the book "Project 666"
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Chapter XIII.


(“Project 666” by Michel Smiely “666”)

The dream of every entrepreneur and businessman has always been to carry out his commercial activities using only one currency. The different coins and international currency existing today are the consequences of the delays in carrying out commercial activities.

Today, the dollar has been chosen as the international main business currency, not because it is the best solution to world business, but because of special historic conditions which allowed the United States to become the most powerful nation of the world after the Second World War.

Under these conditions, the dollar became the international currency. It was the result of an historic opportunity which favoured the United States of America and which the North-Americans took advantage. This was not the result of the superiority of North-American capitalism as a social system against any other system in the world.

When the European and Japanese economy was reconstructed, and their proven products appears in the international market, the end of the dollar as the international business currency started, in view of the impulse of the new world economies which were developing and which competed with their products in the international economic market.

This is how the German mark, the French francs, the Pound Sterling, or the Italian lira and the Japanese yen, appeared as stronger concurrent than the North- American dollar.

These already have their own economic importance in the international economic market and shut off a dollar which is a victim of enormous and irremediable inflation which characterizes today economy and the North-American dollar.

These facts and historic realities is what allow us to assert that the currency of the future is not going to be the dollar. It will neither be the mark, franc, yen, pound sterling nor lira.

God has ordered to The 666 to guarantee the happiness, the justice and the existence of the men creating an Earth Paradise.

(The book)

The new economic, new political and new social system for the European Union and the whole world, using 666 as a new currency to make a Paradise on Earth, and created by “Mr. 666”, which deserves to win a Nobel Prize in Economy with Project 666!


To solve all the political and social problems of the Mankind to construct a Paradise in the Earth, they are the ideals and The 666 goals of today in the world.

The great confidence that God has in the 666, is what it allows the same one to appear and to make, its necessary and historical mision today in the world: to struggle to make a Paradise in the Earth with Project 666.

Here are a few examples from the unsurpassed masterpiece book Project 666

(End of) Chapter XIII.


(“Project 666” by Michel Smiely “666”)

"666 Business Code" which covers all
Economic and commercial transactions.

The coin of the future is going to represent the economic system capable of representing and synthesising the gradual developments, progress and changes which provide the economic needs of the future and the solution which can satisfy them; Project 666 for the European Union, which is the creation of a new political, economic and social system with the number 666, to make a Paradise on Earth.

In such historical circumstances, the coin of the future will be the “666 Electronic Money” represented in the economical features of Project 666, with his Business System 666, Business Code 666 and Identity Code 666, which will regulate and control the world economy and business world of tomorrow.

In order to achieve this, a new economic organization is necessary which should be carried out based on the demands and needs of the future. The formula capable of guaranteeing the success of this new economic organization and which we have pointed out should be realized with the number 666, is the creation of a "one currency system" superior to those ever known. 666 Business Code will be the code representing and covering all economic and business transactions.

The advantages represented by using the Code 666 in the new type of "one currency system" covering all the economic and business transactions are unquestionable.


  1. Eliminates money and the necessity of printing paper money.

  2. Puts an end to the irresponsible, unjust and illegal bank speculations of the international exchange.

  3. Guarantees an absolute control of the riches of mankind and the adequate payment of taxes to the international treasury.

  4. Makes all economic and business transactions easier.

  5. Eliminates the existing different coins and international rate of exchange. This allows the establishment of real prices on all products created by men, notwithstanding their place, region or country of origin.

  6. Allows the planning of a world economy on the basis of the real value of the existing production medium and of its production power. Or what is the same, a plan that lacks inflation's and problems which impose the individual, private, local and regional economic speculations -just to cite a few samples-


  1. Eliminates the economic dominion of Organized Crime. In this system, there is no room for this, nor is there room for investing, hiding or washing monies originating from organized crime.

  2. Permits the eradication and destruction of the drug trade which would not have access to the outstanding money and with this, to its commercial powers (no one would be able to purchase drugs because it would have no equivalent in currency).

  3. Eliminate armed assaults and robbery. If there is no money to steal, the rate of crimes would be enormously reduced.

All this means that when we point out in our Project 666 that a one currency code should be created, covering all commercial and financial transactions and that said Unique Code should be our 666 Business Code, we do so based on consistent studies as scientific research on how the problems and challenges of society and the world of tomorrow faced by humanity in the world of today, can be solved.

Unfortunately, our scientific discoveries and innovations using the number 666 are in contradiction with the predictions of the Holy Bible which states that our discoveries and economic-commercial identity system are going to be the doings of a so-called "Antichrist" which is going to use them to combat "God", etc. (let us allow our competitors to discover precisely why the number 666 must be utilized and no other).

Nevertheless, as the Holy Bible is the most read book in the world, we can not ignore its statements, predictions and attacks against the number 666, which it calls "devilish", etc. In this respect, in the second part of Project 666 covering the 666 Peace Plan to solve the jewish-palestine problem, which threatens the world, we have analyzed and confronted the attacks and calumny of the Holy Bible.


Our 666 Business Code covering all commercial and financial transactions, is the basis for creating and assuring the economic integrity of the European Common Market (The European Union), and on which the New International Economical Arrangement, capable of providing mankind with a development and progress without precedent can be elaborated.

Therefore, the 666 Business Code uses a number which represents and covers all the commercial and financial transactions and which will represent the money in the society and world of the future. This also means that its acquisition will be subject to:

  1. The economic power and solvency of each individual.

  2. The individual income of each person.

  3. The work and role of each person in the production and direction of society.

Therefore, the 666 Business Code represents the real economic value of each person in society (independently of his social status). It also defines the economic activities of the individual. This makes it necessary to protect each person. This is the reason why we have created the 666 Identity Code, which is the most perfect, infalsible and safe in the world.

Therefore, we have the 666 Business Code and a key to business - the 666 Identity Code. Let us first see the economic system under which this code and key to business can work and which we will call the 666 Business System. Than, we will conclude our analisis in the 666 Identity Code.

"...quotation from the book "Project 666"
For more information buy the book! >>>

(41) Chapter XIV.


(“Project 666” by Michel Smiely “666”)

All the financial activities, production and transactions of men are always carried out within a system which is constituted by the social reality in which it takes place and by the economic power it represents. It has always been this way and it will continue being this way because the financial activities of men cannot take place outside of the human society.

This unquestionable reality is what points out to us how Unnecessary and inadequate the present division of the World into two political-economic systems is –the capitalist and the socialist and the need to integrate it into one system.

This unique and pluralistic system will take place, not through wars or dictatorial impositions, but rather through common sense, intelligence, development and progress, which are the same forces, that have started the new historic process taking the countries of the European Common Market (the European Union), to surpass and eliminate its geographic-political-economic boundary limits and constitute a union without precedent.

This union without precedent is what leads to the Formation of a new International Economic Order and a World Economy which surpasses the already obsolete and unnecessary present world political-economic division into two systems – the capitalist and the socialist. Under these conditions and historic reality, we have created the 666 Business System.

The 666 Business System represents the Creation and pluralistic integration of a New International Economic Order and World Economy in which the two Existing political-economic systems, the capitalist and the Socialist, may obtain the best and most beneficial political- economic development trade, which through peace, development and the progress of humanity is going to be converted, through the years, in a Unique Political- Economic World Order which is going to guarantee the development and progress without precedent.

"...quotation from the book "Project 666"
For more information buy the book! >>>

The 666 are the only political leader in the world that can successful govern Mankind with the Project 666.

God and his beloved son The 666, will rule successfully the whole world from the Jerusalem Temple, to help to make a Paradise on Earth with the Project 666.

The 666 / Project 666


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