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Jesus Christ is the First Great Spiritual Son of God and his brother The 666 is the second. God wishes to help with them to save today to the world.

In order to help to save to the Humanity of its own destruction, God has now sent to its other Great Spiritual son The 666, with the project that its name takes and the number that represents it, to construct a Paradise in the Earth.


English Language

The 666 are a challenge in the field of Parapsychology and the hidden mysteries of the unknown world.



  (1). The 666 marriage proposal to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton


  2. How Mr. 666 helped Mr. George W. Bush,to become U.S.A. President.


  3. The 666 can help in the year 2004 Senator Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton, to become the first President women of the United States of America .


4. Mr. Ehud Barak loose the Israeli elections of February 6th, 2001, for his refusal to accept the help and support of the 666 with the Project 666.


  5. God’s punished Mr. Ehud Barak for don’t accept the help and support of the 666 with the Project 666.




  7. The 666 could have save Princess Diana’s life if Queen Elizabeth II had delivered, 666’s warning and prophetical letter to Princess Diana.


  8. Here is a copy of the 666 warning and prophetical letter to Princess Diana.


  9. PRINCESS DIANA'S LIVE COULD HAVE BEEN SAVED (63). Princess Diana’s death was the result of a conspiracy to avoid her marriage with Mr. Dodi Al Fayed.

  10. Princess Diana’s death was the result of a conspiracy to avoid her marriage with Mr. Dodi Al Fayed.


  11. The 666 offers help to USA government to sign the “Kyoto Agreement” thereafter there is a period of one year for President George W. Bush to sign it.


  12. University of Occult Sciences and Academy of Parapsychology of Project 666 –created and directed by the 666-.


  13. Welcome to “MANKIND’S BANK” or the “666’S BANK”, with the “666’S MONEY” that will regulate and control the world’s economy to make a Paradise on Earth.


  14. The 666 letter to Mr. Ted Tunner, asking for an investment of 200 Million Dollars in Project 666. (A letter that can change to better mankind’s history if Mr. Ted Tunner supports Mr. 666).


  15. Historical letter of Mr. 666 to Mr. Bill Gates, asking him to invest 1 Billion Dollars in Project 666, to help to make a Paradise on Earth. (A letter who can change Mankind’s History for the best, if Mr. Bill Gates supports Mr. 666).39. The "666 Business System".


  16. Den 666 deltar nu i Sverige med sin kandidtur i valet till Europaparlamentet den 13 Juni 2004 med sin partibeteckning - "Unionens medbörgares kamp för en EU:s Super-State" - .

The 666 participate now in Sweden in the elections to the European Parliament on June 13, 2004, with his political organization: "Unions citizens struggle for one European Union Super-State!" -(page in swedish language!).



  17. Prophet Mohamed Holy and Final Revelations to The 666 and to the Muslims of all over the world.


  18. The 666´s mystical help to Senator John Kerry to win the First Presidential Candidates`s Debate on September 30, 2004.



  19. The 666´s mystical help to Senator John Kerry to win the Second Presidential Candidates`s Debate on October 8, 2004.



  20. The 666´s mystical help to Senator John Kerry to win the Third Presidential Candidates`s Debate on October 13, 2004.



  21. Satan destroy the operation "666 Divine Justice" and helped President George W. Bush to be re-elected.



  22. The 666´s congratulation to President George W. Bush for his reelection on November 2, 2004.

23. The 666`s historical press-release from October 21, 2004.("The 666 will take from power President George W. Bush on November 2, 2004!").

24. Senator John Kerry remarks on President Bush re-election.>>>

25. A message from Senator John Kerry to The 666.

26. Senator John Edward letter to The 666.

27. A special message from President Bill Clinton to The 666.

28. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton historical letter to The 666.

29. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton will be President of the United States of America on the year 2008.


30. Senator John Kerry historical speech "America can do better".

31. The 666`s poem to Agnetha, "Olympic Immortality".

32. The 666`s poem to Masako, "You Are".

33. The 666`s poem to Eija, "Thousand reasons to love you".

34. The 666`s poem to Hillary, "Get Away".

35. "God`s Stink", The 666`s poem that touch God in Heaven.


36. Enlighten by God and his beloved son The 666, a new President George W. Bush addresses United Nations High-Level Plenary Meeting on September 14, 2005.>>>

37. Enlighten by God and his beloved son The 666, a new President George W. Bush addresses the USA Congress in The President's State of the Union Address on Feb 1, 2006. >>>

38. Enlighten by God and his beloved son The 666, a new President George W. Bush Addresses the United States of America on Immigration Reform on May 15, 2006. >>>

39. Satan has untie now in this year 2004 one of the Riders of Apocalypses.>>>

40. The 666 propose to the European Union and the whole world to accept the Constitution of the United States of America, which is Mankind best Constitution.

41. The 666´s alliance proposal to the USA Congress to support the United States membership to the European Union.

42. With his "Bio-chip 666", The 666`s will help to make a Paradise on Earth!

43. Who is The 666?.>>>

44. Who is God?.

45. Who is Satan?

46. Prophet Mohammed cartoons.
(The 666 are the greatest defender of the freedom of speech in the world!). >>>

47. Cartoons on the Islamic terrorism.>>>

48. Pictures.

49. The 666 creations in the field of the Social Sciences .

50. Sissy and The 666.
(An incredible love story that will help to make a Paradise on Earth -with the Project 666).>>>

51. Why Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton cannot be the wife of The 666.>>>

52. The historic and incredible political and mystical manifest to the world of the soul of the Empress Elisabeth of Austria, "Sissy", with the proclamation of the mystical foundation of the New Roman Empire of the West with the European Union!. >>>

53. Forum . >>>




(“Project 666” by Michel Smiely “666”)

For very special religious, political and historical reasons, needs and facts, that I, as the 666, will explain later to the whole world through Internet from this web site of the Project 666.

God and Jesus Christ himself have make a very incredible, amazing and controversial agreement with me and my Project 666, to help men to avoid Armageddon which is predicted in the Holy Bible.

(Project 666 has already explained in the Spanish section entitled; “Jesus Christ and the 666”. A description of a relationship which will help to change the world”, this is the relationship between Jesus Christ and the 666. We recommend all the Internet readers who can speak Spanish to read this section in the Spanish version. We will even translate and include later “Jesus Christ and the 666” in the present section in English language of this Project 666).

The explanation of why and how Jesus Christ himself, became my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector as “Mr. 666” with my Project 666, when I will explain it in this site it will astonish the whole world. But I can say now that:

I wrote during twenty years secretly the Project 666. I wrote it with a very open mind, asking always God for help, understanding, enlighten and wisdom, in matters which regard very difficult issues to find clear solutions for all mankind problems.

God himself are helping now his beloved son The 666 to illuminated the hearth and conscience of humanity to help to construct a Paradise on Earth

The Holy Bible lies

Against God’s
Beloved son

The 666


(The book)

The666.com, The666.net, The666.org to make a Paradise on Earth with The 666 and Project 666!



God, Jesus Christ and the 666 now wish to help to save to the Mankind being created a Paradise in the Earth with Project 666.



(End of) 58.

(“Project 666” by Michel Smiely “666”)

Last but not least, when I wrote my poem “God Stinks”, I ask God why He created men, then God himself was moved by my courage, sincerity and honesty as the new 666. Due to the fact that I risked my personal security, safety and life during more than twenty years, thousand of times under very complicated conditions in the field of parapsychology. I did these experiments, while I was calling and challenging God himself in a very honest way, to prove and to show me His existence, true nature and real wishes and determinations toward mankind.

I proved to God as “Mr. 666”, how wrong he was in his treatments, behaviour and demands towards mankind as God, without helping first men to fulfil the destiny He wishes for us.

I always proved God during so many years with all challenges and writings in my Project 666 that, He as God, cannot judge and condemn men without first judging and condemning himself. When I wrote my poem “God Stinks”, God was moved by my sincerity, honesty, courage and love towards mankind, and boldness which I refuse as a man, to recognize Him as my God and as any others` God, for my heroic determination to burn in hell if it was necessary for me to pay such a price, as long as He does not prove to me his existence and true nature as a God.

For all these reasons that happened under a very incredible historical situation in which I, as the 666, wanted only to help making a Paradise on Earth with the Project 666. I also proved God himself my sincerity, honesty, courage, love and piety towards mankind.

God was moved and order to Jesus Christ himself to appear and enlighten me as the 666, in most of the incredible and amazing secrets of the universe; in the secrets of life, death, life after death, miracles, wisdom, resurrections, reincarnations, etc. Enlightenment that made me the representative of 666; a truly son, follower and believer of God and Jesus Christ trough the Project 666.

a very special and incredible agreement with me as the 666; to help mankind and to avoid Armageddon in the construction of Paradise on Earth with my Project 666.

I wish to point out that, my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector Jesus Christ, made such an agreement with me following the direct orders of God himself due to the great love of God towards mankind and considering that He wants only the very best for the people, nationalities, countries, nations, men and women of our Planet Earth.

As a testimony of prove that I say only the holy true, I include here my poem “God Stinks” (or "God's Smell" )*.

* Ps.
I have included this poem in the right section of this page

Under these conditions and historic reality, God himself appeared in front of me and name me the 666.

He revealed and gave me his Holy and very secret name, which I can call Him at any time and speak with Him every day. Likewise He gave me the ability to invoke and receive parapsychology power through my body and myself and told me that I am his beloved son, who can invoke the spirit of Jesus Christ within me. God himself also appointed Jesus Christ as my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector of the Project 666.

Another of my poems; “The Blessings of the Church of the Lord”, “The memories of the Last Peter”, “If the dead could speak”, “And Man created God”, “Homo Sapiens Curriculum Vitae” and “Come, Cavalrymen of Apocalypses”, which are published in my book “Poems of Love, Dreams and Struggles”, move also God and help Him understand me as the 666 and made our historical and incredible agreement, in order to help mankind to avoid Armageddon with my help and support of the Project 666.

Furthermore, God himself made a historical, incredible and necessary agreement with me as the 666 in order to help mankind with my Project 666. To avoid Armageddon, that is predicted in the Holy Bible and that can destroy mankind. In this situation my Project 666 becomes also God´s Project. This becomes now a necessary Project, our Project to try to save mankind from his own destruction which can take place in Armageddon.

Analysing this history and searching for a relations between the Holy true and “lies” or “possible inventions and creations” of the capacity of “science-fiction writers” which can also, characterize me as the 666, it is impossible for me to find the way to convince everybody that I speak the true.

Fortunately, God himself has given me the possibility to prove mankind the truth of my history, this is by doing at all times a very special parapsychology demonstration send alive broadcasted special Television world wide program. Myself, as the 666, can invoke and receive in my body the spirit of my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector Jesus Christ which will explain and confirm to all the world that I, as the 666, speak always the true in all this history.

This capacity of mystical and Heavenly powers that I was graciously given as the 666, can give credit and serves as prove to the whole world, at any time and everywhere, that I am able to invoke and receive as the 666, my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer, Protector and our Lord Jesus Christ. This permits me as the 666 to confront without any problems all kind of false religious and fanatic enemies, that today attack and slander me all over the world, accusing me as the reincarnated evil “Antichrist”, “Devil” and “Satan”. Such type of enemies can never make miracles nor can invoke and receive the Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector of my Lord Jesus Christ.

Therefore, nobody can say that I lie, neither that I am a joker or an insane fraud as the 666. My Project 666 is today a historical reality, appearing even in Internet where the whole world can have access to observe and study. I know now that I only speak the true through God himself.

Mankind can now avoid Armageddon and help themselves by supporting Project 666 to make a Paradise on Earth. But, we shall never force anyone to support the Project 666. Our challenge now is very clear, we can help you now with our Project 666 to avoid mankind destruction, only if you prove us that you deserve to be helped.

Project 666 with his sole representative the 666 wants to help you and save mankind as long as we deserve to be saved and helped.

I have explained that the 666 is different because it does not threaten nor bribe anyone with punishment or eternal hell so that the solutions and truth which 666 represents and defend my be recognized.

We do not threaten nor condemn those who oppose us with any type of punishment nor infernal threats. We do not promote repression, assassination or crime nor threats of religious terrorism such as arms and arguments those who oppose us. On the contrary, we appeal for rationalization to the most elemental feelings of justice, conscience, dignity and moral to recognize and support our arguments and ideas in all men of good standing.

However, the reality that men are living now in an apocalyptic way that soon or later will destroy mankind, is an indisputable and historic fact that nobody can denies. In such situation mankind must change his bad way of living in order to survive, and Project 666 offers the opportunity and ways of changing.

The last words belong now to you, men and women of the whole world, peoples, nationalities, countries and nations of our beloved and endangered Planet Earth. Project 666 is a free-will project that respects the right and freedom of men to decide and choose in the today`s and tomorrows world. The Project 666 represents mankind choice for justice, equality, freedom, love, progress and happiness; the choice that makes possible the construction of Paradise on Earth.

"...quotation from the book "Project 666"
For more information buy the book! >>>

As a testimony of prove that I say only the holy true, I include here my poem “God Stinks” (or "God's Smell" ).

God has no moral to judge men
- men has to deny him.

-Michel Smiely “666”.


What for, God have you created men?
to have a servant and slave?
to humiliate him
with his mortality?
for crushing and taming him
as beasts in your circus?
for enraging on him
your limitless power?
for having him
as your experimental rabbit?
for tempting him
with your paradise
or frightening him
with your infernal words?

Oh, Lord! God! Almighty!
in what base you for condemning and judging
those who didn`t ask you to create them
and much less to be forgiven?
clay that irresponsibly you have moulded
to your image and resemblance!

It`s perhaps not that you need
the man
for being able Lord, God, to hide
your irresponsibility and lack of conscience?
your bestiality and infernal worlds?

your nature and filthy essence?
your cursed and bastard spirit
your thirst of adoration and respect
your hypocrisy your indifference
your criminality your scorn
your brutality your inconsistency
your corruption your falseness
your wickedness your hate
your complex your rancour
your sadism your prepotency
your vanity your greediness
your garrulity your slavery
your cruelty
your egoism
your racism
your megalomanias
and all that you have legated
to men
when irresponsibly moulding
to your image and resemblance!

with which moral you dare to judge
to demand and condemn
those whom you yourself have created?
how dare you to complain
because of your ephemeral and mortal product
far from love, respect and courteousness
combat, unrecognize and detest you?

Ah Lord! Almighty!
couldn`t you
even as God
be the exception
and avoid committing the error
of creating in the man
the ephemeral, thinking and mortal clay
that reaches his maximum expression
being the rebel which can´t frighten
or conquer or fold
your empires and infernal worlds
and having as well the courage
of telling you
face to face
with sincerity, honesty and consciousness

*(Michel Smiely “666”; “God Stinks”, (“God`s Smell”), taken from the book; “Poems of Love Dreams and Struggles”, page 50-52, Vantage Press Editors, 1981, New York, United States of America. Copyright 1981 by Michel Smiely "666" ).

The 666 are also: the Great defender and Protector of all the poor men, abandoned and forgotten in the world.

The 666 fights today in the world with their necessary and right struggle With Project 666: the well-known social injustices, exploitation, misery And hunger that to the world impose, a declining Capitalism that threatens Destroying the Mankind.

As the own Jesus Christ also did in his historical time: The 666 evangelize and preaches Project 666 today to the world from Internet and with this, his matchless Web site: the666.com


*** ***



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