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The 666 offer his help to President George W Bush
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(“Project 666” by Michel Smiely “666”)

666 -Michel Smiely-
Website; http://members01.chello.se/project666
E-mail: project666@chello.se

Friday, April 13th, 2001.
Stockholm, Sweden.

President George W. Bush
White House
Washington, D.C.

President George W. Bush

Dear President,

My prays are that God’s blessings be upon you, as you receive my letter today.

Mr. President, you have disappointed now the best of the American people, the whole world and even myself by your refusal to fulfil your electoral compromise to ratify the “Kyoto Agreement”.

In my letter from November 1, of the year 2000 I explained you very well that myself as The 666, with the help and support of the Magical Powers of my Project 666, you were to become the President of the USA.

The reality and facts speak from themselves. You would have never been the President of the USA without my help and support as “Mr. 666”.

As The 666, you know very well that I helped you to become President of the United States of America because I believed you were a man who keeps and fulfils his promises and will always act according to the interests of mankind and the American people.

Now you have broken one of your most important political promises when you refuse to ratify the “Kyoto Agreement”. In the future the existence of a suitable and good biological mankind environment depends, as you very well know, on the fulfilment of the “Kyoto Agreement”.

You must believe me now when I say that you made your biggest and most unhappy political mistake when you refuse to ratify as President of the USA the “Kyoto Agreement”.

It is my right and duty to demand from you to correct your political mistake ratifying as soon as possible the “Kyoto Agreement”. I demand this as The 666, who helped you to become President of the United States of America.

I know that are very powerful political American “lobby” forces that Make you to reject the “Kyoto Agreement”, but you know that you can do much better because you are the President of the USA.

I advice you to stop thinking as a local, dirty and cheap politician. As President you have to think big to benefit mankind and your decision in such important matter as the “Kyoto Agreement” have very big consequences for mankind.


In the long run it will be cheaper for the USA to ratify the “Kyoto” Agreement” because this will help to control the pollution inside the USA and will avoid the destruction of the atmosphere of the Earth.

If you avoid this ratification the consequences and changes that are inevitable to happen by the pollution will be devastating for to the whole world. Changes in climate will also affect the USA then, even more powerful winters, droughts, hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes will desolate the USA if you do not approve the “Kyoto Agreement”. As The 666, You know very well that I am telling you The Holy Truth about all these matters.

Today The USA is already guilty for 25% of the world pollution. You can not expect that the whole world would accept this “mistake”. It is costing a lot of money to the United States of America to try correct it. As the President of the USA, it is your duty to help to save the world, not to help to destroy it.

With this unhappy situation, I give you One Year Time to change your mind and ratify the “Kyoto Agreement”.

I can also offer you the possibility to ratify the “Kyoto Agreement” with my help and support through my new political, economic and social system within the European Union using 666 as a new currency and creating a Paradise on Earth.

I am offering you the possibility to help you. With my Project 666, the economic costs that your country, have to invest to implement the deal of “Kyoto Agreement” can easily be done with my “666 Electronic Bonus System” created to make a Paradise on Earth.

I have now open in Internet my website Project 666. There is also “The Mankind’s Bank” (or “The 666’s Bank”) with a new kind of money that will help to regulate and control the economy for the best of the world. THE 666’s MONEY is based on my new political, economic and social system for the European Union, using 666 as a new currency to built a Paradise on Earth.

I began with the creations of 999, 999 billions dollars share of my “666 Electronic Bonus System” at One Dollar a share, which I will sale to the whole world.

This “666 Electronic Bonus System” serves as basis for the new money. At the end it will control and regulate the world’s economy, for the very best of mankind.

“The Mankind’s Bank” is the first and the only bank in the whole world that will make and will have a currency without any inflation. Such economic and political miracle is only possible to achieve with my new political, economic and social system for the European Union. Using 666 as the new currency to make a Paradise on Earth. When in practice, I shall win a Nobel Prize in Economy with such system.

I have already donated to mankind 6,000 Billions Dollars shares of One dollar each. From April 13th, 2001, all people and women on our Earth planet (including you, Mr. Bush), have a dollar share donated by me, at “The Mankind’s Bank”.

WHY have I opened in Internet the first bank in the World with a currency that will never suffer any inflation?.

BECAUSE I will change the economic system and it shall become the best in the whole world. With my “666 Business System”, the “666 Business Code” and the “666 Identity Code”, world business management will be adecuated to make a Paradise on Earth.

The new money without inflation in the world ( “The 666 Money”), will be established on an electronic basis, it will be included in my “666 Electronic Bonus System”. This unique System was specially created for me to built a Paradise on Earth.

From my Bank in Internet I will appeal to all the people in the world to open and account (big or small). I will guarantee that the money invested in my bank shall be used exclusively to make a Paradise on Earth.

The only condition that is required to open an account in my bank will be a 6 YEARS deposit term in which the money will always remain in the bank and will earn and accumulated simple interest rate of 3%.

This 3% interest rate is based on my “666 Electronic Bonus System” to make a Paradise on Earth, I can and will guarantee to every client of my bank that their money will not suffer any inflation, consequently it will also allow me to confront competition from others banks that offer higher interest rates such as 8% , 15% and even 25% per year, but with a must probable inflation, not to mention the possibility of bankruptcy, which is also constantly threatening and present like their own shadow.

“The 666” Bank offers the whole world earnings at a low interest rate during the 6 years deposite term, namely a 3%, but WITH A NON INFLATION GUARANTEE OF THE MONEY. You can be very sure Mr. Bush that, a vast majority will deposit their money in my bank. Besides this, also because their money will be used exclusively to help make a Paradise on Earth.

In such situation I guarantee you and the whole world that, I can do a real worldwide revolution in finance without any kind of violence, blood bad and even without shooting a single bullet or cheating any person in the world.

I am capable to do all those things because I put forward in my Project a correct and wise Bank, limit that serves also as a limit to the human greedy. All this is done following the advice of my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector Jesus Christ, precisely to create a Paradise on Earth with my Project 666 that will also help mankind to avoid Armageddon which is predicted in the Holy Bible and can actually take place in the world if we do not put a wise and correct stop now, limiting human greedy.

Mr. President, All this means that even you can contribute to change the world believing in me, my words, my Project, my advises and the 666 personality that I represented for you and still represent for mankind now.

I will find in the world investors willing to allocate 200 million Dollars in my “666 Electronic Bonus System” and help to make a Paradise on Earth. At the beginning this 200 million Dollars will be the “real money” of my bank, until the new “666 currency” will develop.

No other person can do such thing in the world only with 200 million Dollars. It could neither be done with 200 billion dollars or perhaps even with many trillions of dollars.

Such economic miracle is only possible to do it with my new economic, policy and the social system invented for the European Union, based on 666 currency to create a Paradise on Earth.

I have bee able to make this system only with the help and support of my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector, Jesus Christ. Nobody can copy or cheat my System. I am the only man in the world who can implement it, as the 666.

I enclose here a copy of my letters addressed to Mr. Ted Tunner and Mr. Bill Gates, asking them to invest 1,200 Million Dollars to help me to implement my “666 Electronic Bonus System” in the world.
(I ask 200 Million Dollars to Mr. Tunner and 1 Billion Dollars to Mr. Gates)

As I stated I can help you and your country to solve the economic burden that the USA has to make in order to accomplish the deal implied in the “Kyoto Agreement”.

I advice you now Mr. George Bush to read these letters addressed to Mr. Ted Tunner and Mr. Bill Gates. At the same time this means that I am offering you and your country a very serious and important helping hand to sign the “Kyoto Agreement”.

You as the President of the USA can sign an 18 YEARS AGREEMENT with me as the 666, where I will help with my new economic, new political and new social system in the European Union and in the whole world, using the number 666 as a currency, to make a Paradise on Earth, and help the USA with the economic cost for the implementation of the “Kyoto Agreement”.

The “18 YEARS USA AGREEMENT WITH THE 666” will be always secure by the fact that you, and the United States of America can always sue me, if I cheat you or the USA Government.

I am willing to sit the rest of my life in jail, in case I can not fulfil making a Paradise on Earth, according to Project 666 and myself as the 666.

I can do this because I really believe in my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector Jesus Christ, and in myself as the 666, implementing the new political, economic and The Social System that has my name and the number that represents me today in the world.

In such circumstances you do not have longer any excuses for signing the Kyoto Agreement because, I offer you, and the United States of America (“God’s Own Country”), a very polite, wise and heavenly alternative to sign and implement the “Kyoto Agreement”.

I am willing to explain in front of the USA Congress the 18 YEARS AGREEMENT with The President and with The United States of America. I am sure that I can convince the USA Congress to accept the“18 years Agreement in joint venture with the 666”.

Mr. George Bush, If you really believe and love Jesus Christ, then you would have to believe and trust me, because He is my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector. I know that He will never let me down with Project 666 that I am willing to risk for the sake of the Kyoto Agreement, which must be implement in the whole world.

I have to say that I am really sorry because must include this letter on my website in Internet and send it to the whole world to say that:

If you do not ratify the “Kyoto Agreement” within One Year Time, then, you will brake the Spiritual Political Agreement that you, very deep in your Conscience and Mind, have made with me and my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector Jesus Christ, due to the fact that since November 1, 2000, we have been always with you, in your best dreams always with a high sense of responsibility and morality.

Very unhappy political consequences will come for you if you don’t fulfil your political promise to ratify the “Kyoto Agreement”, or if you do not take seriously this open letter I wrote you and is included on my website in Internet.

I have never threaten anybody because as the 666 I will never impose my will by force. But as you very well know, every human act has a consequence. You have now broken one of your best political environmental promise to the American People and to the People of the whole world.

You can not avoid the consequences of such great mistake and cheating to the people who really gave you their best support in the USA election as myself and my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector, Jesus Christ.

In such situation If you don’t sign the “Kyoto Agreement” within ONE YEAR, my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector, Jesus Christ, and I, will take away our powerfully political support to you and you will loose the Presidential election in the year 2004.

As the 666, and with the help of my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector, Jesus Christ, we will make Senator Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the next USA President and the first woman President of the United States of America. This will be done with the help of the magical powers invested in Project 666 for the year 2004.

In order to help you to understand that I really mean action and political “business” as the 666 and with my Project 666, I am willing to receive and meet here in Sweden, your Security Adviser; Condoleezza Rice.

If she read on my website Project 666 in Internet address:

Website; http://members01.chello.se/project666

E-mail: project666@chello.se

Then she will understand with her great intelligence and women intuition that I am not a fake or a charlatan as The 666 with Project 666 for the European Union, to make a Paradise on Earth.

I am willing to give your Security Adviser, Condoleezza Rice, all the information you need in order to understand the great political reality that, I represent today in the world as The 666 with Project 666 for the European Union, to make a Paradise on Earth.

Do not make the political mistake George, as USA President, to ignore me and underestimate me as the 666 because, I am now your best and most powerful political ally together with Jesus Christ himself as my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector with the Project 666.

I am helping you now (since April 6) as the 666 and with the magical powers of my Project 666, to reach a happy solution and return to the USA the crew of the U. S. Navy the spy plane which was forced by a crash to land in China.

I end this letter suggesting you to appoint a time to have a meeting with me when you visit Sweden in June. Now is the right time for us to have a political meeting and know each other. We both will be beneficiated with a political meeting in which I will personally make you as the 666, a very important prophecy about your life.

We can also have our meeting when you have time to meet me, but I give you untill April 2002, to find the time to meet me and know me personally otherwise, you will lose the real possibility to do political business with me.

If you, George, do not brake the Spiritual Political Agreement that is very deep in your Conscience and Mind. The Agreement that you made with me and my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector Jesus Christ, then you will become one the greatest and best Presidents of the USA History.

I remind you to remember all those great promises that you made deep in your hearth to my Great Spiritual Father Jesus Christ during your presidential electoral campaign. You became elected President of the USA . Now is your duty and time to fulfil all your promises to us, to the American People and to the whole world.

Now I will reveal here to you, Mr. President George W. Bush, a very big secret:

I have a very special agreement with my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector Jesus Christ; the construction of a Paradise on Earth to help and support mankind.

We are always and always will be a product of mankind. It is our own free will to support or reject the possibility to become part of the heavenly Project 666 and of my existence today in the world as the 666.

As the 666, It will never happen to me the same thing that happened to my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector Jesus Christ who was killed and extremely painfully died for nothing, because his example and true legacy to mankind, has been never understood or really accepted by mankind.

We are living now in the worst time of the world; a world full of injustice and unhappiness, that unfortunately is going towards its own destruction.

As the 666, I am a cosmic being from the Universe, today reincarnated as a man. I am a cosmic entity of thousands reincarnations from thousand worlds. I, have seen the own destruction of unhappy worlds in the Cosmos and have suffered like my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector Jesus Christ, the pain of seeing the destruction and lost of those worlds.

But our very high moral and well developed sense of justice, love and happiness, –just to mention a few examples-, don’t allow us to take or robe the free will of anybody, neither to impose to anybody our cosmic believe or way of life. The only thing we can do is to appear, and knock all the doors in the world to show to mankind, the correct way of living and find freedom, equality, justice, progress, love and happiness, as I am doing now with Project 666.

Now, it is up to you and to other men like you, Mr. President George W. Bush, to help and make possible the best dreams since all times of mankind; the construction of Paradise on Earth.

God bless you Mr. President George W. Bush , and help us to become friends, brothers and ally in this the necessary struggle to create a Paradise on Earth!.

With my best regards and salutations,

Yours sincerely,

666 –Michel Smiely-
(For President of the European Union
with the Project 666, to make a Paradise on Earth!)


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