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The 666 have come to make a Paradise on Earth! -
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The 666 have come to win!

The NEWS that CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and the international press,
NO NEVER DARE TO TELL THE WORLD for its great historical consequences!


Donald Trump va a ser el proximo presidente USA
Con la ayuda de Dios y del 666 ( Español -ENTRAR !) >>>

Donald Trump will be
The next president USA
With the help of God and the 666 ( English -ENTER !) >>>

666 Time Has Come ! -
El Tiempo del 666 ha llegado !

! To make a Paradise on Earth!

The unmatched Department of Parapsychology and Occult Sciences of Project 666 informs the American people and the world:

On this date Tuesday October 18, 2016 and missing less than 48 hours before the last US presidential debate that takes place:

It will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, October 19, 2016 at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, USA, that:

The true God existing in the Universe (JEHOVAH):

God (Jehovah) has decided with the help of his representative and beloved son The 666 existing already in the world:

Give the necessary and historical lesson unprecedented in the world:

Remove the political, economic and military power, irresponsible and irrational "etablissemanget" politician who:

Represented by President Barack Obama and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton; now govern in 2016 in the United States, the European Union and the world.

Helping now God (Jehovah) and his representative and beloved son the 666 already existing in the world (the repetition is necessary):

To make the unexpected and historic election and election victory of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in the historic presidential election US which will be held on the date of Tuesday November 8, 2016.

Discredited "etablissemanget" political and economic than with its known and so far unpunished military interventions, wars of aggression, crimes and misdeeds done to rule, plunder and steal:

Natural resources in countries like Iraq, Syria, Libya, Jemen, Sudan and Afghanistan, to cite examples:

And with its unacceptable threats, nuclear blackmail and economic sanctions against countries made like Russia and China that the United States with the European Union and NATO never be able to crush, destroy or subdue Russia and China have also the great help and support of 666 mistico existing already in the world.

Countries like Russia and China also can never accept the domination and world government of the United States and the European Union in the service and defense the unacceptable world of injustices of billionaires, banks and markets:

With unrestricted and criminal GREED now threaten to cause self-destrucion of the existence of humanity itself.

All this means that in the next US presidential elections on Tuesday November 8, 2016:

Donald Trump is going to be elected President of the United States of America (2016-2020) with the unmatched Help Mistica of God and his representative and beloved son the 666 already existing in the world.

But the unexpected and miraculous situation occur that the presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama himself:

Knowing the historical veracity of the fulfillment of the biblical prophecies about the appearance of the existing 666 already in silent and unmatched 666 Misticos powers:

Now accept the great "amnesty Mistica" on this date Tuesday October 18, 2016, God and the 666 offer to President Barack Obama and the Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton:

Recognizing the presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's historic offer of alliance that God and 666 have already offered; to help you be chosen the first woman President of the United States of America, in the historical USA presidential election of November 8, 2016:

Accepting Hillary Clinton as president make the historic economic partnership, political, military and mystique of the United States with 666 for:

Help avoid self-destruction of humanity and also successfully govern humanity itself; building a world of justice necessary and paradise on Earth with unparalleled new Economic System 666.

Hillary Clinton will be able then elected the first female President of the United States of America with the help and support of God (Jehovah) and his beloved son and representative of the existing 666 already in the world:

As well as the world have already explained the souls of 666 and own genius and master of film Alfred Hitchcock in this historic mistico video posted on youtube.com entitled:

"Hillary Clinton President of the United States 2016
With the help of 666 magic" -By Alfred Hitchcock

Video: Hillary Clinton President of the United States 2016
With the help of 666 magic
-By 666 And Alfred Hitchcock

Video: Hillary Clinton Presidente de los Estados Unidos 2016
Con la ayuda magica del 666. -Por 666 y Alfred Hitchcock

(The Empress Elisabeth of Austria, "Sissy" and Hillary Rodham Clinton:
They are the two women that God has chosen and designed to help achieve:
The biblically predicted and inevitable triumph of 666 already existing in the world)

Historica alliance of the United States and 666 performed by a President Hillary Clinton would also allow:

Perform the cancellation of unpayable foreign debt that exceeds US and 20 TRILLION DOLLARS:

With the help of own 666 existing already in the world and its unique new Economic System 666:

Hillary Clinton a president (2016-2024) with the realization of the historic alliance between the United States and 666:

You must appoint and have also as United States Secretary of the Treasury of America to own 666 to fulfill the historical mission; cancel American unpayable foreign debt, with the help of unique new Economic System 666:

Video: President Hillary Clinton with 666 cancels US debt
-By 666 and Alfred Hitchcock

Video: Presidente Hillary Clinton con el 666 cancela la Deuda Externa USA
-Por El 666 y Alfred Hitchcock

666 can help create and ensure the successful existence of the Society and the welfare state in the United States of America own and happiness, economic well-being, security and happiness of the American people, to cite examples.

The very regrettable existing reality about it though is that Hillary Clinton (and self Barack Obama) do not have the capacity or the will necessary to recognize and overcome their mistakes known to the American people and the world, which is why:

Recognize now the US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's highly anticipated and historic appearance of the 666 already in the world in the person of the writer, poet, philosopher, parapsychologist and Mistico Swedish grandmaster of Latin American origin and citizen of the European Union:

Miguel Angel Sosa Vasquez who also used the literary pseudonym "Michel Smiely 666" and is also:

Candidate for the presidency of the European Union with the Project 666 to help avoid self-destruction of humanity and build a necessary world justice and Paradise on Earth:

Billionaire Donald Trump is going to be elected President of the United States of America with unmatched help and support of God mistico and 666 in the historic US presidential election of November 8, 2016:

Also accepting billionaire Donald Trump do NOW not later than the date of November 4, 2016:

The required payment:

A "tax Mistico 666" of 100 million dollars that decision of God Himself (JEHOVAH):

666 will put and do pay all existing super-rich billionaires in the world a necessary "Mistico tax 666 100 million dollars "

In order to have the super-rich and existing billionaires in the world the right to buy, sell and do business in the unique and future System Economic and Business 666 with the 666 will control, govern and successfully lead:

A necessary new global economy with the capacity necessary to build a world of justice and paradise on Earth:

Using the unique Economic Codes 666 ( "Identity Code 666", "Economico Code 666" and "666 Business System") that the super-rich and existing billionaires in the world will be able to use paying the necessary "Mistico tax 666 100 million dollars".

In a situation in which, as is known all biblical teachings show that "easier to pass a camel through the eye of a needle than for a rich climb the Kingdom of Heaven ":

The necessary economic and mystical test that God himself (JEHOVAH) now makes presidential candidate Donald Trump is:

Donald Trump have to accept being the first super-rich and billionaire in the world to agree to pay the necessary "Mistico tax 666 100 million of dollars":

To have and use the unique economic codes 666 without which no one can ever buy or sell.

As there is now also the incredible and historical situation that American billionaire and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump:

Have sent him an email asking him to 666 to 666 if he could suggest asking a question to the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton:

666 response to Donald Trump about it is that you ask the following question to Hillary Clinton in the third and final presidential debate American who; It is going to celebrate tomorrow, Wednesday 19 October 2016 at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas:

"Kindly Hillary Clinton to publicly answer to the American people and the world in this third and final presidential debate:

"The next question was sent to me by himself and 666 existing in the world for me is Donald Trump make it now to you:

"Hillary Clinton you think I'm Donald Trump to defend a man who truly love my country and the United States of America, I make a big mistake by recognizing the existence of 666 now already in the world:

"666 whose existence you Hillary Clinton refuses to recognize despite knowing that the same 666 existing already in the world:

"He made you even Hillary Clinton a marriage proposal when Bill Clinton was unfaithful with Monika Lewinsky.

In such a situation it is for Donald Trump my pleasure to inform you now you Hilary Clinton in this Third Presidential Debate, the unexpected news:

"I do Donald Trump have accepted the political, economic, military and mystique that 666 publicly alliance has already offered to you.

"Unmatched US alliance with 666 Hillary Clinton you dare not make for never have the will, ability or desire truly help change:

"Unacceptable economic situation of poverty, social injustice, insecurity, unhappiness and dangers of self-destruction that have now currently the United States as a result of:

The wrong and criminal policy of creating unfortunate and economically unsustainable conflicts and wars that can also cause the destruction of the United States itself, even with the wrath and punishment of God:

"Unsustainable and unjust wars that the United States have done and continue doing well in the world, under the presidency and government Barack Obama a president you Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and unconditionally, has always supported and helped To make?...

"And what it is no less important:

"Do you believe Hillary Clinton Donald Trump I'm going to be successfully elected President of the United States of America in the next elections November 8 presidential elections with great mystical help of God and 666:

"I make a mistake by accepting also appoint 666 US Treasury Secretary, for I believe that 666 is the man who can help me as future US president to cancel the unpayable foreign debt of the United States of America you and President Barack Obama have raised to more than 20 trillion dollars? "...

Attention !, the end of this publication
Is to be performed
After the Third Presidential Debate
On October 19, 2016

It is necessary now to ask all Internet users in the world if the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will have or not:

The courage to make those questions to the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, in the third and final presidential debate to be perform tomorrow, Wednesday 19 October 2016 at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas.

Or any other political rally that Donald Trump made before the date of November 4, 2016 which is the deadline that Donald Trump has to announce to the American people and the world:

His acceptance to make the historic alliance of the United States with 666 which is also the only alliance and political agreement that can help Donald Trump to be elected President of the United States of America with the unique mystic help of God and of 666.

What if it is true is that from this date Tuesday October 18 to November 4, 2016 the discredited and criminal "etablissemanget" US politician:

You will live the nightmare and fear that a "cornered Donald Trump" report to the American people and the world its acceptance to the unexpected and historic offer of alliance of 666 existing already in the world.

Department of Parapsychology and Occult Sciences
666 Project 666
(Tuesday October 18, 2016, University of Nevada
Las Vegas- O3: 18 hours GMT)


Department of Parapsychology and Occult Sciences of Project 666
  It presents the world with impartiality, accuracy and fairness,
  The best explanation of:

  1. For Hillary Clinton finally
  He should never be elected President of
  The United States of America
  On November 8, 2016 ( Coming Soon -ENTER !) >>>


  2. For Donald Trump
  With the unique partnership and Mistica support of 666 existing already in the world:

You can become the best President of the United States of America ( Coming Soon -ENTER !) >>>

Department of Parapsychology and Occult Sciences
666 Project 666
(Friday 20 October 2016 -Washington DC, -10: 30 hours GMT-)

This is the Holy existing Truth:

On US presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and 2016 Donald Trump. Truths that have been written by the respected and well-known American professor James Petras.

Clinton & Trump: Nuclearized Or Lobotomized?
The Road to Nuclear War?
By Prof. James Petras

Ver: http://www.thelibertybeacon.com/clinton-trump-nuclearized-or-lobotomized-the-road-to-nuclear-war/ ( ENTER !) >>>

By Prof. James Petras
Copyright © Prof. James Petras, Global Research, 2016

Prof. James Petras (born c. 1930s) is a retired Bartle Professor (Emeritus) of Sociology at Binghamton University in Binghamton, New York and adjunct professor at Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada who has published on Latin American and Middle Eastern political issues.

Over half the US electorate views the two leading candidates for the 2016 Presidential elections with horror and disdain.

In contrast, the entire corporate mass media, here and abroad, repeat outrageous virtuous claims on behalf of Hillary Clinton and visceral denunciations of Donald Trump.

Media pundits, financial, academic and corporate elites describe the prospects of her presidency as one of responsibility, national security, business prosperity and political normalcy.

In contrast, they paint billionaire Republican candidate, Donald Trump as a grave threat, likely to destroy the global economic and military order, polarize US society and destined to lead an isolated and protectionist US into deep recession.

The super-charged rhetoric, flaunting the virtues of one candidate and vices of the other, ignores the momentous consequences of the election of either candidate. There is a strong chance that the election of ultra-militarist Hillary Clinton will drive the world into catastrophic global nuclear war.

On the other hand, Trump’s ascent to the US Presidency will likely provoke unprecedented global economic opposition from the corporate establishment, which will drive the US economy into a profound depression.

These are not idle claims: The destructive consequences of either candidate’s presidency can best be understood through a systematic analysis of Mme. Clinton’s past and present foreign policies and Trump’s belief that he his the ability to transform the US from an empire to a republic.

Clinton on the Road to Nuclear War

Over the past quarter century, Hillary Clinton has promoted the most savage and destructive wars of our times. Moreover, the more directly she has been engaged in imperial policymaking, the greater her responsibility in implementing foreign policy, the closer we have come to nuclear war.

To identify Hillary Clinton’s path to global war it is necessary to identify three crucial moments. Hillary’s bloody history can be dated initially to her de facto ‘joint Presidency’ with husband Bill Clinton (1993 – 2001).

Stage One: The Conjugal Militarist Presidency (1993 – 2001)

During Hilary Clinton’s joint presidency with William Clinton (the Billary Regime) the First Lady actively promoted an aggressive militarized takeover of Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East and Eastern Africa – often under her favorite messianic doctrine of ‘humanitarian intervention and regime change’.

This justified the relentless bombing of Iraq, destroying its infrastructure and blockading its population into starvation while preparing to carve its territory into ethnic and religious divisions. Over 500,000 Iraqi children were murdered as proudly justified by then-Secretary of State Madeline Albright (1997 – 2001) and lauded by the Clinton’s.

In the same manner, Yugoslavia was bombed by the US humanitarian coalition air forces and cruise missiles over 1,000 times from March 24 to June 11, 2009 in the course of sub-dividing the country into five backward ‘ethnically cleansed’ mini-states. Thousands of factories, public buildings, bridges, passenger trains, radio stations, embassies, apartment complexes and hospitals were devastated; over a million victims became refugees while hundreds of thousands were wounded or killed.

The Conjugal Presidency successfully carried out the bloodiest war of aggression in Europe since the Nazi invasion during WWII, in order to subdivide an ethnically diverse and industrially advanced federation whose independent foreign policies had angered the Western corporate empire.

The Clintons launched the military invasion of Somalia (in East Africa) to impose a vassal regime, leading to the death of many thousands and a regional imperial war. Faced with desperate popular resistance from the Somalis, the Clinton’s were forced to withdraw US troops and bring in thousands of Sub-Saharan African and Ethiopian mercenaries – whose death would pass unnoticed among the US electorate.

From 1992 through 2001 the Clinton war machine helped set up the Yeltsin kleptocratic vassal state in Russia facilitating the greatest peace-time pillage of state resources in world history.

In the post-Soviet breakup era, over 1 trillion dollars of former public assets were seized especially by US and British-allied Zionist gangsters, Clinton-affiliated officials and ‘academics’ and Wall Street bankers. Under Clinton’s vassalage the entire Soviet public health system was eliminated and Yeltsin’s Russia experienced a population decline of 4.3 million citizens, mostly due to diseases, alcohol and drug toxicity, suicide, malnutrition, unemployment and loss of wages, pensions and and an unprecedented epidemic of tuberculosis and infectious diseases once thought wiped out, like syphilis and diphtheria.

Senator Hillary Clinton: War Crimes by Association- January 3, 2001 to January 21, 2009

During the George W. Bush dynastic regime, Mme. Senator Clinton supported the US war machine ‘sowing death and destruction to the four corners of the earth’ (to quote Bush Jr.), millions in Iraq and Afghanistan died or fled in terror. Bush had only deepened and expanded the mayhem that the Clinton Conjugal Presidency had begun a decade earlier.

Mme. Senator Clinton promoted the US direct and unprovoked invasion and occupation of Iraq and the war in Afghanistan. Mme. Senator Clinton embraced crippling economic sanctions against Iran and she blessed Israel’s military assault against Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza and Israeli massacres in Lebanon.

Mme. Senator Clinton supported President Junior Bush’s aborted coup against Venezuelan President-elect Hugo Chavez (2002), a prelude to the coup attempts in Latin America that she directed later as US Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton’s Senatorial term served as a transition linking her initial joint presidential period of wars of conquest onto the next period. As US Secretary of State under President Obama she aggressively promoted global military supremacy.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: Naked Militarism Unleashed (2009 – 2014)

Whatever restraints Mme. Clinton faced as Senator dissolved as she ran amok during her term as Secretary of State. Across Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, Hillary Clinton bombed, massacred and dispossessed millions of families, shredding entire societies and dismantling the institutions of organized civil life for scores of millions. She never balked at the prospect of ethnocide and even joked that NATO might become ‘Al Queda’s Air Force’ as she pushed for a ‘no-fly zone’ over Syria.

A wild-eyed cackle echoed down the marbled corridors as the Foggy Bottom turned into a psycho- ward.

Mme. Secretary promoted the terror mercenary brigades invading Syria in a bid to ‘regime change’ the secular government of Al Assad, driving several million Syrian refugees into flight. Entire ancient Syrian Christian communities were wiped out under her reign of ‘regime change’.

Mme. Secretary Clinton directed US air force bombers and missiles to buttress the despotic Saudi monarch’s drive to obliterate Yemen.

Clinton unleashed the most savage bombing against Libya destroying the country and leading to the ethnic cleansing of a million and a half of Sub-Sahara workers and Black Libyans of sub-Saharan descent.

Under the aegis of murderous jihadi warlords and tribal chiefs, Mme. Clinton joked over the torture death of the wounded captive President Gadhafi, whose nauseating, almost pornographic murder by anal impalement was documented as a kind of ‘regime-change’ snuff film. Less known is the earlier, almost Old Testament-type slaughter of several of Gadhafi’s non-political children and five small grandchildren by a deliberate US missile strike aimed at ‘teaching the dictator’ that even his smallest grandchild cannot be hidden.

Mme. Clinton, who bragged that her Biblical role-model is the ethnocidal Queen Ester, has declared unconditional support for Israel’s war crimes against Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank and among the diaspora. Hillary endorsed and defended Israeli torture and prison camps for children, the elderly and the homeless.

Mme. Secretary sent her criminal sub-secretary Victoria Nuland (an unreconstructed Neo-Con holdover from the Bush Administration) to orchestrate the violent putsch in the Ukraine. Millions from Ukraine’s huge ethnic Russian population were dispossessed from the Donbas region. Mme. Clinton had sought to convert Russian strategic military assets in Crimea to US-NATO bases aimed at Moscow, causing the residents of Crimea to overwhelmingly reject the coup and vote to re-join Russia.

The forceful intervention by Russian President Vladimir Putin prevented Mme. Clinton’s ethnic cleansing power grab in Crimea and the Donbas. The US retaliated by pushing for massive European Union economic sanctions against Russia.

Consistent with her pitiless Biblical role model, Mme. Clinton openly threatened to obliterate Iran with a nuclear war and incinerate 76 million Iranians to please her Uncle Netanyahu – a demented process that would poison a hundred million Arabs and perhaps a few million Israelis. Even the insane Israeli ‘Samson option’ was never dreamt of being ordered from Washington, DC!

During her tenure as Secretary of State, Mme. Clinton actively obstructed any diplomatic moves to achieve a US-Iran agreement on nuclear technology, parroting the Israeli militarist solution against regional rivals!

Mme. Clinton has remained an unrepentant enemy to the emerging independent Latin American governments. In search of vassal states, Clinton promoted successful military coups in Honduras and Paraguay, but was defeated in Venezuela. She proudly touts the death squad regime in Honduras among her foreign policy successes.

Mme. Hillary backed the death squad and narco-regimes in Colombia and Mexico, which killed over a hundred thousand civilians.

On the path to global war, Mme. Militarist has prepared to encircle Russia, stationing nuclear weapons in the Balkans and Poland. She promised that missiles would be placed in south central Europe and Ukraine.

Clinton raised the nuclear ante by hysterically claiming that the elected Russian President Vladimir Putin was ‘worse than ISIS’… ‘worse’ than Hitler.

Repeatedly threatening global war and actually making aggressive regional war should clearly have marked Mme. Hillary Clinton as unfit for the Presidency of the United States. She is politically, intellectually and emotionally unable to deal realistically with an independent Russia and any other independent power, including China and Iran. Her monomania is a course of violent ‘regime changes’, unable to evaluate any of the catastrophes her policymaking has in fact already produced.

Hillary Clinton was the proud author and director of the so-called US ‘pivot to Asia’. Clinton’s ‘pivot’ has led to a massive buildup of the US air and naval forces surrounding China’s maritime routes to its global markets and access to essential raw materials.

Clinton’s hyper-militarism expanded US war zones to cover Australia, Japan and the Philippines, greatly heightening tensions and increasing the possibility of a military provocation leading to nuclear war with China.

No US presidential contender, past or present, has engaged in more offensive wars, in a shorter time, uttering greater nuclear threats than Mme. Hillary Clinton. That she has not yet set off the nuclear holocaust is probably a result of the Administrative constraints imposed on the Mme. Secretary of State by the less blood-thirsty President Obama. These limitations will end if and when Mme. Hillary Clinton is ‘elected’ President of the United States in a process that the electorate increasingly knows is ‘rigged’ toward that outcome.

Donald Trump: the Peaceful Road
To Recession

In sharp contrast to the militarist Mme. Clinton, Donald Trump, ‘the Businessman’, has adopted a relatively peaceful approach to international politics for an American presidential candidate in the current era.

‘Businessman’ Trump envisions productive negotiations with Russian President Putin. Employing his loudly trumpeteddeal-making genius to benefit the United States, Trump predicts economic and diplomatic successes with Russia, China and other major powers.

Angered at US military allies enjoying decades of US Treasury largesse, a President Trump promises to withdraw US military bases from Asia and Europe and demanding that overseas allies ‘pony-up’ for their own defense.

What the war mongers in the mass media, academia and Washington bureaucracy, dismiss as ‘Trump’s isolationism’, The Businessman describes as rebuilding America by converting overseas military spending into domestic infrastructure projects and ‘real’ jobs in America.

Trump’s ‘America First’ policy, under his ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan, does not envision wars of conquest against Muslim countries, especially since they have already led to massive floods of Muslim refugees, threatening trade and stability, and Trump opposition to the entry of more Muslim refugees into the US. Trump’s foreign policy of limited military goals and warfare is diametrically opposed to Clinton’s total war strategy. Trump, ridiculed by his rivals for ‘his small hands’, does not appear to have Hillary’s itchy trigger finger on the nuclear button!.

Trump mouths contradictory economic statements, especially his proposals to “rebuild America”, while operating in the framework of an imperial system. As President of the United States, his protectionist policies will come into direct confrontation with US and global ‘finance and monopoly capitalism’ and will likely lead to systematic disinvestment and a disastrous economic collapse or, more likely, theBusinessman-President’s capitulation to the status quo.

The problem is not Trump’s pledges to tax the rich (as he occasionally promises) , or expand Social Security (as he claims), but his failure to admit that these policies would lead to massive flight by the capitalist elite to avoid taxes. The major threat is that, if Trump follows-up on his America-First policies, there will be massive capital resistance and a Congressional revolt by both finance-dominated political parties, which will paralyze any hope for his economic agenda.

Without political independence to implement his domestic economic agenda, Trump will have to face a massive investment and lending revolt from capitalists and bankers who would be very willing to drive the fragile economy into a major recession – threatening a kind of ‘domestic economic sabotage’.

Trump’s Republican Party (and certainly the Democrats) will never support a program which will force multi-national capital to sacrifice its reliance on cheap overseas labor and double digit profits in order to create American jobs and employ American workers at living wages.

A President Trump would not even secure a handful of Congressional votes to increase taxes on plutocrats to fund his proposed large-scale public works, infrastructure and job creation projects.

The Businessman President would face the full fury of the powerful military-industrial-high tech complex if and when he attempted to retire US global military forces from Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

The non-politician Trump’s historic rise to national political prominence has its roots in the ideas and values of the majority of working people who have been marginalized to the fringes by the media moguls and Wall Street riff-raff. Today Trump’s themes and ideas resonate with the mainstream of voters.

Several dominant ideas circulate in his speeches and interviews.

First, Trump rejects ‘globalization’ (the watered-down PR term for imperialism) and ‘free trade’ (a euphemism for the transfer of profits extracted from US workers to business investment abroad).

Trump’s narrative resonates with the recent anti-Wall Street ‘Occupy’ movements opposing the power of 0.1% super rich against the vast majority.

Secondly, Trump embraces economic nationalism in his slogan “Make American Great Again”. Too many American workers and their families resent having been exploited, maimed and slaughtered to serve multiple wars in the Middle East, Asia and Europe for the interests of US warlords, bankers, Zionists and other imperial royalties. Trump argues that the entire inflated security and corporate welfare system has led to an untenable debt payments spiral.

The third theme that draws millions is Trump’s notion that the US should reject the policy of serial ‘regime change’. We should not initiate and engage in perpetual overseas wars against Muslim countries as a way to avoid domestic attacks by individual terrorists. During an early foreign policy debate, Trump shocked the political establishment when he accused the Bush Administration of deliberately lying the country into the disastrous invasion of Iraq. This ‘truth-telling’ elicited wild applause from the mass Republican electorate.

Trump’s goal is to strengthen American civilization and avoid provoking more ‘clashes of civilizations’…

The fourth, and probably most attractive, message to most Americans is Trump’s powerful assault on Washington and Wall Street elites and their academic and media apologists.

Millions of Americans have been disgusted with the Bush’s, Clinton’s and Obama’s, as well as the Morgans, Goldman Sachs and Paulsons, whose policies have exacerbated class inequalities through multiple banking swindles and financial crashes, all ‘bailed out’ by the American tax payers.

Fifth, Trump’s loud, brash exposure of the mass media’s lies and propaganda has resonated with the same deep distrust felt by the American public. His talent for talking directly and bluntly to the public and on the internet has led to his enormous appeal. He does not engage in ‘conspiracy’ but acknowledges that the Edward Snowden revelations have unmasked the government’s deceptions and its program of espionage against the people, destroying the foundations for democratic discourse.

Trump might win the election based on his ‘five truths’ and his pledge to ‘make America great again’, but more likely he will lose because he has insulted the traditional establishment, the Latinos, Afro-Americans, feminists, trade union bureaucrats and their followers from both parties. Even if he succeeds at the ballot box, his political agenda with relying on Republican elites in Washington and Wall Street, the Pentagon and the ‘international security system’ will lead to a major economic crisis. For the elite, if blocking Trump’s domestic economic agenda requires a financial crash to defend ‘globalization’, serial wars and the 0.1%, then tighten your belts!.

This November, the country will face the disagreeable choice between a proven nuclear warmonger and a captive of Wall Street. I will try to keep warm, roast chestnuts and avoid thinking about Mme. President’s Looming Mushroom Cloud.


The original source of this article is Global Research
Copyright © Prof. James Petras, Global Research, 2016


Published in this website by

Department of Parapsychology and Occult Sciences of Project 666

Department of Parapsychology and Occult Sciences
666 Project 666

(Tuesday October 18, 2016, University of Nevada Las Vegas- O3: 18 hours GMT)

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Book; "Poems of Love, Dreams and Struggles"

"Poems of Love, Dreams and Struggles"

-Author, Miguel Angel Sosa Vasquez - "The 666" -
(Writer name; "Michel Smiely 666”)

(Book Published by
"Vantage Press, ed. 1981, New York, USA).
Out-of-print edition.


Poems of Love, Dreams and Struggles
by Michel Smiely

"This book is an excellent experience for the educated reader, because one can appreciate the beauty of expression in two languages: English and Spanish. Poet Michel Smiely´s verse stands up well under the requirements of the two Sets of grammar, of idiomatic expression, of phrasing and rhyme.

"The verses represent one man´s triumph over the trials of life, love and relationship with God. Poems like “Homo Sapiens Curriculum Vitae”, “God´s Sthink”, Come, Cavalrymen of Apocalypses” and “If the Dead Could Speak” Will remain in the reader´s mind for their originality and boldness. Others like “You Are”, “To Die without Being Alive”, “Free” and “Tropical Rain”, will remain for their crushing sensibility.

"The scope of the poetry is wide, and the feelings that emerge are deep. It is a pleasure to share the feelings with the poet by reading his lively lines. Whether read in the English or the Spanish version, the meaning is never sacrificed for the technique, but is blended together to achieve richness and unity of style, which contributes to the reading experience".

Vantage Press, Inc. -1981-
(New York/Washington/Atlanta/Los Angeles/Chicago/USA)



The Department of Parapsychology and
Sciences Occults of the Project 666

Proudly present The 666 as a very good Poet.

The 060606 Special Edition of the poetry of The 666.

From his prohibited book:

"Poems of Love, Dreams and Struggles"

Poems of Love

(To My Most Beloved Women)

"I Forgive You"

"Pilar" I felt immortal
when I was yours
and a man of flesh and bones
when I lost you.
-Michel Smiely 666


I don´t judge you, "Pilar"
for you didn´t believe me
for you didn´t love me
for you dindn´t follow me
my rivals ...
were not the men!

I only judge a misfortune
and an evil
represented in your fear
and in your lack of faith
and of conscience

I forgive you, my love
I forgive you
I keep no bitterness towards you

I forgive you
not because it wasn´t painful for me to lose you

I forgive you because if I didn´t do so
I never could say that I have loved you
and have struggled to make you happy

-Michel Smiley 666

The 666´s-prohibited book:
"Poems of Love, Dreams and Struggles".
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Index of
The 060606 Special Edition of the poetry of The 666.

Poems of Love, Dreams and Struggles

-By Michel Smiely 666


The 666
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El 666
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Book; "Project666"
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libro; "Proyecto 666"
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"Project 666 / Proyecto 666"

Miguel Angel Sosa Vasquez - The 666 / El 666 -
( Writer name / Seudónimo literario; "Michel Smiely 666” )

"Poems of Love,
Dreams and Struggles"


The 666 are
A very good Poet.
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Book; "Poems of Love,
Dreams and Struggles"

(By Michel Smiely 666)


El 666 como Poeta
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Libro; "Poemas de Amor,
de Sueños y de Luchas"

(de Michel Smiely 666)

"Poemas de Amor, de Sueños y de Luchas"

Poems of Love,
Dreams and Struggles.

(By Michel Smiely 666)


Part One

-Poems of Love

1. Olympic Immortality>>>>

2. The Laughingstock of Everybody>>>

3. Oath of Love>>>>>>

4. Spartan`s Curse>>>

5. Run Away>>>

Part Two

-To My Most Beloved Women

6. Poem to Masako
You Are>>>

7. Poem to Soythip
That English School>>>

8. Poem to Pilar

9. Poem to Pilar
You Can not live without Love>>>

10. Poem to Pilar
I Forgive You>>>

Poem to Agnetha Fältskog
(1. Olympic Immortality)>>>

Poem to Hillary Clinton
(5. Run Away)>>>

Part Three

-Political Poems

11. Free.>>>

12. The Forbidden Latin American`s Dreams>>>

13. Tropical Rain>>>

14. The Others Will Come>>>

15. You>>>

Poems of Love,
Dreams and Struggles.

(By Michel Smiely 666)

End of the Index

Part Four

-Poems of Philosophy

16. The Sun of the Days>>>

17. To Die without Being Alive>>>

18. To Live, Man!>>>

19. Homo Sapiens Curriculum Vitae>>>

20. Our River>>>

Part Five

-Religious Poems

21. God`s Stink>>>

22. Come, Cavalrymen of Apocalypses >>>

23. And Man Created God>>>

24. The Memories of the Last Peter>>>

25. If the Dead Could Speak>>>

Part Six

-Prohibited Poems

26. They Come >>>

27. Return >>>

28. Things of the "Democracy">>>

29. The Blessings of the Church of the Lord>>>

30. They Speak of Caamaño>>>



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